Enhance customer experience with intelligent agent assist

Maximize agent capabilities with generative AI insights

How generative AI is transforming CX

Delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) can fuel business growth, yet organizations grapple with surging contact volumes, increasing expectations, and agent burnout. Generative AI-powered agent assist leverages foundation models (FMs) in real-time to transcribe calls, recommend answers to complex queries, help supervisors evaluate performance, and automate manual tasks like contact categorization and summarization.

By empowering agents with data-driven automation and insights, businesses can boost productivity, build a reputation for superior customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge.

Now is the time to embrace the transformative potential of generative AI, unlocking efficiencies, consistency, and elevating customer satisfaction to new heights.


Generative AI-powered agent assist offers significant benefits like decreased resolution times, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

Analyze interactions in real time, identify customer pain points, and suggest relevant responses. Swiftly resolve concerns, increasing first-contact resolution rates while reducing handle times and operational costs.

Free agents by automating tedious tasks with generative AI-powered summaries and categorization. Seamlessly tap into company knowledge bases to recommend actionable guidance and minimize lengthy trainings. This helps to reduce cognitive load, mitigate burnout risk, and foster an engaged workforce.

Seamlessly integrate generative AI insights across voice, chat, video, and more. Provide agents with a unified view of customer interactions, enabling consistent and cohesive experiences regardless of the contact channel.

Generate responses that are compliant and meet company standards. Identify potential areas of concern, ensuring agents maintain adherence while providing consistent, high-quality service.

Get started

AWS offers two flexible options to enhance customer experience using generative AI-powered agent assist.

Amazon Connect agent productivity and empowerment

Amazon Connect empowers agents with a unified, generative AI-powered agent workspace, delivering contextual customer data, issue identification, and tailored recommendations for faster, personalized resolutions and enhanced CX.

Build agent assist

To add generative AI-powered agent assist capabilities to your contact center or CX platform of choice, use AWS AI services with generative contact summarization, real-time conversation insights, recommended answers, and more.