AWS Cost Management on AWS

Cloud Cost Management tools to help you access, organize, understand, control, and optimize your AWS costs and usage

Cloud technology has transformed the way that organizations are structured. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the cloud cost management space. Here are some of the key transformations that we’ve seen in the ways that organizations think about and account for their costs:
• Only paying for resources that are used, often at granular units of usage (for example, running hours or bytes)
• The ability for anyone in an organization to initiate resources at any time, often as quickly as a few minutes
• An ever-growing portfolio of cloud services and products from which to choose

Managing your cloud financials as you scale on AWS (55:13)

Use cases

Access your AWS costs and usage

Access to the most comprehensive information about your AWS costs and usage.

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Organize and understand your costs

Organize your AWS costs across business lines and understand your underlying cost drivers and usage trends.

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Control your AWS costs and usage

Set custom cost and usage budgets that alert you when those thresholds are exceeded.

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Optimize your AWS costs and usage

Cross-reference your costs and usage to determine which usage types accrue the most cost, and optimize your investments.

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