Who are AWS Innovators?

At AWS, we're inspired by inventors like Martin—who pour their energy into passion projects, solving problems that others might shrug off.

Are you solving unique problems using AWS tools?

Previous episodes 

S1, E1: Kim & Tom Erik

Kim and Tom Erik are creating IoT-enabled beehives to make beekeeping easier on both humans and the bees.

S1, E2: Chris and The Poopinator

Chris Miller uses a camera and ML to detect dogs pooping on his lawn. The device activates a sprinkler to let the canine know he's been spotted.

S1, E3: Gus & Yumi

Agustinus “Gus” Nalwan used machine learning to help his wife, Yumi, a fashion student, catalogue her wardrobe, take into account weather variables, and what she’d recently worn, to choose the perfect outfit for her day.

S1, E4: Izzy

Starting at age 4, Izzy has partnered with their father and mentor, Todd, to work on go-karts. Now, Todd and Izzy upped the ante: to try and make an autonomous go-kart.

S1, E5: Talha, Shehroz, Talha, and Dawood

Long-time friends Talha, Shehroz, Talha, and Dawood turned a university hackathon project into a 3D avatar that can speak and understand ASL. The four friends and their mentor, Nidal, have made their project open source to see where they can take it next.

S1, E6: Martin

Searching for a humane way to scare mice out of his kitchen, Martin Paradesi modified an autonomous DeepRacer model car, and its open source code, to come up with a RoboCat that could scare mice away in the dark.

How Machine Learning Kept Out the Cat 

Ben's cat kept waking him up in the middle of the night with a mouthful of prey. So Ben decided to do something about it using SageMaker and DeepLens.

Have you used AWS tools to build a solution you couldn’t find? If so, tell us about it—you might just be the next person featured in our AWS Innovators series. Go ahead, show the world what you've created.