Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Ignite Innovation with a Culture of Inclusion

A Mature Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Delivers Real Results

Organizations that invest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) programs are seeing positive business outcomes such as better competitive position, increased agility/innovativeness, and better brand perception.

Lead and manage effectively with Inclusion

Tips for leading with inclusion

Matt Easton, an AWS Sales Leader, explains the importance of inclusive practices starting from the C-Suite throughout the rest of the workforce.

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Empowering women leaders

AWS Account Manager Andrea Nohren, discusses leading with empathy as well as dominant work culture's pressure on women in the workplace.

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Building inclusive teams

Alak Eswaradass, an AWS Senior Solutions Architect, discusses how leaders can build processes that ensure that all employees feel included and valued by their teams and management.

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Inclusive Mental Models: Empowering Your Employees

Innovation is accelerated when employees feel truly included. AWS Global AI/ML Program Manager Daryl Hammett says true inclusion isn't about inviting employees to contribute; it's when they feel empowered to contribute without having to be asked.

Now is the time to use data to help people to understand what actions we can take to create a more diverse, more equitable, and a more inclusive work environment and to build the future we all want to create.“

Jack Berkowitz, Chief Data Officer, ADP

Customer stories of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Fannie Mae: A More Equitable Mortgage Process

Kimberly Johnson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, discusses how Fannie Mae is improving the mortgage process and advancing greater equity in housing.

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ADP’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Solutions

Jack Berkowitz, Chief Data Officer at ADP, discusses how the company is using data, analytics, and machine learning capabilities to help companies measure, compare, predict, and apply insights about their workforces.

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Closing the Gender Gap with Cloud Technology
Article | Wall Street Journal
Closing the Gender Pay Gap With Cloud Technology
by Miriam McLemore

Organizations can close the gender pay gap by gathering and combining data from multiple sources and apply analytics and machine learning to uncover inequities, set targets for improvements, and track progress across teams.

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3 Ways Organizations Can Promote Work-Life Balance
Article | Wall Street Journal
Three Ways Organizations Can Embrace Work/Life Balance
by Ian Wilson

Giving employees the tools and skills to achieve results faster allows them more time with the people and activities they value most. Learn how organizations can balance employee workload and increase efficiency and effectiveness by automating manual tasks, making data and insights easily accessible, and investing in employee capability.

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Innovate to Increase Accessibility and Inclusion
Article | Wall Street Journal
Innovate to Increase Accessibility and Inclusion
by Miriam McLemore

AWS customers increasingly recognize that removing barriers is both the right thing to do and vital to their success. Accessibility helps build customer loyalty, attract new employees, and retain talent.

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Taking a People-Centric Approach to Tech

As the world increasingly relies on AI to inform decision-making, how can you advocate for your customers and maintain responsibility for your technology? Aileen Smith, Head of Content Strategy, Diversity Marketing at AWS, and Diya Wynn, Senior Practice Manager, AI/ML Ethics at AWS, will help you answer that question as they explore a strategy for the practice of responsible AI.

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