Hybrid Cloud with AWS

Extend AWS infrastructure and services on premises and at the edge

AWS hybrid cloud services deliver a consistent AWS experience wherever you need it – from the cloud, to on premises, and at the edge. Select from the broadest set of compute, networking, storage, security, identity, data integration, management, monitoring, and operations services to build hybrid architectures that meet your specific requirements and use cases. You can also use AWS Solutions for Hybrid and Multicloud to simplify and centralize the management of resources across hybrid and edge environments with resources on other clouds.


Accelerate digital transformation

Bring cloud infrastructure and services where you need them to help your digital transformation projects get up and running faster. Modernize and manage all your applications with AWS, even those running in specific locations due to data residency, local processing, and latency requirements.

Improve IT and developer productivity

Watch productivity go up and costs go down. Provide developers with a common platform for building, deploying, and managing applications and give IT the same services, and tools for operating infrastructure on AWS, on premises, at the edge, and on other clouds.

Deliver differentiated services and experiences

Enable interactive and responsive applications and deliver new, unique offerings to users faster. Deploy your applications, infrastructure, and services on premises, near large metro centers, and at the edge of 5G networks so they are closer to your end-users.

AWS hybrid cloud services


AWS Outposts allows you to run AWS infrastructure and services on premises for a consistent hybrid experience.
AWS Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services at the edge of 5G networks for a faster application response time.
AWS Local Zones put AWS services near large population and industry centers so you can reach local users in milliseconds.
AWS Snow devices collect and process data between the edge and AWS so that your apps run in all conditions.





Use cases

Support low-latency applications

Meet single-digit millisecond latency requirements for manufacturing automation, content creation, real-time gaming, financial trading platforms, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), autonomous vehicles, and inference at the edge. Put cloud infrastructure and services in physical proximity to where applications and end users are located, such as datacenters, large metro centers, and the mobile network edge.

Process data locally

Handle the enormous amount of data generated in your digital transformation initiatives on AWS and locally. Build a consistent hybrid architecture that includes data sets that must remain on premises due to cost, size, bandwidth, or timing constraints. Easily move data to the cloud for archiving.

Meet data residency requirements

Store data in a specific country, state, or municipality to meet security and tax regulatory requirements, data sovereignty regulations, and changing geo-political dynamics. Use the same services and tools to manage, analyze, and archive that data wherever it resides.

Extend your data center

Meet data center extension needs, including use cases such as cloud bursting, hybrid data processing, backup, and disaster recovery. Choose from a broad portfolio of services designed to make it as seamless as possible to run your on premises networking, security, storage, and access control infrastructure alongside AWS.

Move enterprise applications to the cloud

Migrate enterprise application workloads suited for the cloud while keeping other components on premises. Use the proven AWS approach to deploy a few (or a few thousand) applications to the cloud rapidly while ensuring continued operation with your on premises investments.



Morningstar used AWS Outposts to build and run AWS services in its on premises data centers and seamlessly migrate its applications to an AWS Region, thereby accelerating cloud adoption.

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YBVR used Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength to provide “like you’re there” 360-degree live streaming of sports, music, and other events.

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S&P Global Ratings

S&P Global Ratings used VMware Cloud on AWS to migrate its on premises environment to AWS and help its customers make better financial decisions faster.

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Couchbase deploys low latency applications on a distributed edge with AWS Hybrid and Edge Services.

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Modernizing Your Enterprise with AWS Outposts

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Solution brief

Learn how AWS Wavelength brings AWS services to the edge of the 5G network, minimizing latency when connecting to an application from a mobile device.

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AWS Outposts Powers Next-Gen Computing—With a Differentiating Twist
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Solution Brief

AWS is reinventing hybrid cloud by extending its infrastructure and services to customers, wherever they need it, for a truly consistent AWS experience across cloud, on premises, and at the edge.

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