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Migrating your solutions and digital products to the cloud is just the beginning. To make the most of this technology shift, you need to modernize your software company and enable transformation in your business across all functions.

It can be a challenging time. But with Amazon Web Services you can rely on experts to provide guidance to both your technical and business teams.

ZeroLight case study

Lucid Motors and ZeroLight Host Virtual Car Launch on AWS and see 46% Higher Conversion Rate.

Transform your business and technology

  • Technical Role
  • Migrate faster

    To support your business goals, your development teams need to differentiate your product, accelerate development, and get to market faster. AWS Cloud, with its 200 fully-featured services, helps you become more agile.


    To make the most of your migration and modernization journey, view our TechShift program for education and best practices.

    Best practices for modern applications » Discover TechShift for software companies » Optimize costs with SaaS Lens »

    Scale your solution easily, simplify cloud adoption for your customers, and gain other efficiencies. Modernize your applications and go beyond “lift and shift” with AWS.


    Start by building a modernization strategy. Then, get your developers caught up on the latest cloud education and resources.

    See our strategy for modernizing » Visit Developer Community Education » Join developer user groups or events »
    Enhance reliability and security

    As you scale up in on the cloud, AWS is designed to meet your demands for reliability and performance. We also know software companies demand some of the highest levels of protection, privacy, and data controls, which means you can deploy AWS security services to monitor your cloud environment for potential security events.


    We work closely with you to understand your data protection and performance needs, offering a comprehensive set of services and resources to help you deliver a secure and reliable solution.

    Read FAQ on data and privacy » Read the Well-Architected framework for reliability »
    AWS Well-Architected

    Learn, measure, and build using architectural best practices.

    TechShift Program

    TechShift can help you scale-up your applications. Get an introduction in our brief on-demand videos.

  • Business Role
  • Accelerate time to value, benefit from better differentiation

    Software companies need to constantly innovate and differentiate to stay competitive. By adopting AWS Cloud, you can deliver new and unique solutions quickly and easily, delighting your customers.


    Find resources—such as webinars, on-demand videos, and whitepapers—written specifically for non-technical software leaders. Explore our partner programs to get extra support for your business transformation.

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    Get support for your geographical and business growth

    Go for growth. Whether you’re expanding globally or by introducing different business models to reach new customers. Our programs support your continued growth.


    AWS can help you showcase your solutions to a wider audience, and make it easier to sell or buy them. Visit some our key initiatives or contact us to find the most relevant support for you.

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    Start your journey of creative innovation

    Innovation is in your DNA. Create new solutions and use cases for your software. Explore services like AI, and data and analytics that you could bring to your products and services.


    Meaningful innovation thrives on the cloud. Whether you are looking to invent new services, deliver value from data, or modernize your solution, see how you can do it on AWS.

    Get inspired: innovation at AWS »
    LexisNexis builds AI-Powered legal brief analysis

    By providing personalized feedback based on over 27 million cases, briefs, pleadings, and motions in the LexisNexis database, Brief Analysis takes the guesswork out of legal research.

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for software companies to discover, procure, entitle, and provision third-party services software. You can even sell your own software on our global marketplace. Find thousands of software listings from popular categories like security, business applications, and data and analytics across different industries.

AWS SaaS Factory

The AWS SaaS Factory program helps AWS partners at any stage of the SaaS journey. Whether you are looking to build new products, migrate existing applications, or optimize SaaS solutions on AWS, the AWS SaaS Factory program can help.

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