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PostNL is the number one e-commerce and postal logistics provider in the Netherlands. On a given weekday, PostNL delivers on average one million parcels and 6.5 million letters throughout the Benelux, connecting the physical and the digital world. PostNL is doing a lot more than delivering mail and parcels. It helps business customers to be successful, for example, by providing support in direct and online marketing, robotised order processing, or temperature-controlled medical transport.

Digital transformation to be everyone's favorite deliverer
As an organisation, PostNL wants to be everyone’s favourite parcel and mail deliverer. As customer demands are increasing, they want to reinforce this position by accelerating the digitalization of their customer experience and their own logistic networks and processes, to ensure shipments are moved swiftly, efficiently and sustainably from collection, to sorting and to delivery.

As part of that innovation, PostNL is working closely with AWS on an asset tracking solution that uses AWS IoT, serverless, location, storage and analytics services. The strategy is to track, manage and optimize the usage of a quarter-million unique loading devices (ULDs) known as roller cages that are a critical component of the delivery network.

“Real-time visibility and analytics from tracking of our roller cages can have a big positive impact on the quality as well as efficiency of our operation, and even open up new business opportunities,” said Martijn Weenink, Product Owner at PostNL. “For example, if we can improve the fill rate of our truck loads by just 1%, we estimate that we can harvest significant savings every year. To do this, we need to know where every roller cage is, whether it is in use, what its destination is and what it is carrying. Amazon Location Service and AWS IoT will play a big role in gathering location and activity data from the roller cages. Even our customers are keen to get more data about their incoming and outgoing shipments – for instance to forecast returns after a peak sales period.”

Sander Heije, IoT Platform Owner at PostNL, said, “To be able to track all the ULD’s in realtime, we have created an IoT landscape which continuously updates us with the location and sensor information of the ULD’s. Within the IoT platform, which is based on AWS IoT services, Amazon Location Service helps us with translating all the detections of ULD’s, from the AWS IoT Core into relevant information about when a ULD has entered or left a geofence. Combined with other sensor data we are able to provide our business with real-time insights about when a ULD has entered of left a site, when it sits idle or when it is being loaded. This allows us to optimize different parts of our business, improve the customer experience and better manage logistics.”


MobileLog is a service that helps businesses track and trace their deliveries and vehicles in real time. Starting at only €15 per month, MobileLog helps businesses track their mobile assets, view dispatches on maps, send orders to drivers, and even get seamless feedback from customers. The company has been building their service on AWS for over a decade. With AWS, MobileLog has been able to build their product nimbly, scale operations and reliably serve the needs of large organizations such as newspapers and delivery companies. The MobileLog service integrates with virtually any established logistics system, but sometimes customers need help outside of the product, including education and consulting.

“As a lean organization, we’re always looking for ways to reduce complexity, so we can focus more on helping our customers,” said Dejan Milosavljevic, CEO and Co-Founder of MobileLog. “When we evaluated Amazon Location Service, we realized we can get the tracking capabilities we need, and also consolidate location-related infrastructure we were hosting on Google. We’re also reducing the number of microservices that we have to maintain, because Amazon Location already provides them. The simplification that Amazon Location enables is a huge benefit to us, and I expect it will help us cut overall costs and speed up our development cycles.”


Novetta is an advanced analytics company that specializes in extracting clarity from the noisy complexity of big data at the speed and scale of the most intensive national security missions. Novetta pioneers disruptive technologies in machine learning, full-spectrum cyber, cloud engineering, DevSecOps, data, open source, and multi-INT analytics for Defense, Intelligence Community, and Federal Law Enforcement customers. Many Novetta solutions, including Ageon ISR, AIDE, CLAVIN, and Novetta Mission Analytics, incorporate mapping, geofencing, and geolocation as additional analytics layers. Amazon Location Service gives Novetta new options to deliver deeper cloud integration in conjunction with services such as AWS IoT Greengrass, Amazon Neptune, and Amazon Rekognition.

"We're excited to work with AWS on Amazon Location Service," said Kevin Heald, VP, Information Exploitation at Novetta. "Our DoD and intelligence community partners rely on us to deliver technologies that integrate cutting-edge AWS capabilities to enable mission success. Amazon Location is a great example of a service that can be applied to accelerate and simplify solution development."


TensorIoT creates solutions that help enterprises incorporate edge computing and data into daily operations to improve business outcomes. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, TensorIoT works with customers in industries spanning manufacturing, telecommunications, energy, food production, and retail to build solutions using IoT, machine learning, and cloud technologies.

"An important element for many of our customers’ edge applications is location, helping them to understand what is happening where in their global operations,” said Ravikumar Raghunathan, CEO at TensorIoT. “Unfortunately, adding and using relevant location data has been too difficult for many customers. Now, using Amazon Location Service’s standard API, we can build and deploy custom solutions for our clients, no matter where they are in the world using the best location data for the use case and region. In addition to our system integration projects with Amazon Location, we are planning to use the service to improve and build new location-related features in our off-the-shelf solutions such as SmartInsights and our asset tracking kit.”


GeoGuard focuses on geolocation-based security, location fraud detection and the protection of digital content. The company helps companies across a wide range of industries, including OTT broadcasting, content rightsholders, banking, payment processing, and cryptocurrency exchanges to guard against geo-piracy and location-based fraud. GeoGuard software is installed on over 400 million devices worldwide, putting it in a position to identify and counter both the current and newly emerging geolocation fraud threats.

“We tested Amazon Location Service during its beta, and found it really intuitive to use,” said Artem Lalaiants, Product & Service Delivery Manager at GeoGuard. “The Amazon Location Service learning resources and simple SDK made it easy to setup and try. We’re excited by its potential. Additionally, as a company focussed on digital security and fraud detection, we really value Amazon Location’s commitment to data privacy and security. This commitment is important to businesses who hold large amounts of personal and proprietary data.”

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