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Getting started with Amazon Location

Demo Map App

The free demo app allows you to explore and test all the mapping capabilities and functionalities that the service offers. No coding experience required.

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Getting Started Training

The beginner course introduces you to Amazon Location and its core mapping features and capabilities.

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Getting Started Workshop

The workshop provides an introductory to Amazon Location, showcasing its key mapping functionalities.                                                                                                   

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Use Case Tutorials & Workshops

How to Enrich a Database

Learn how to format and enrich addresses stored in an Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL database with Amazon Location.

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Asset Tracking using location-based services

Learn how to add maps and tracking features to applications and edge devices.

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How to build a tracking application

Learn how to add location functionalities, such as maps, assets, trackers, and monitor geofences to an application.


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Using Amazon Location to improve a supply chain

Learn how to use AWS Amplify and Location Service to build a transportation and logistics tracking solution.

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How to videos

Explore the Capabilities of Amazon Location Service (4:04)
Add Amazon Location Service Maps to your Web Applications (7:15)
Use geocoding and reverse geocoding with Amazon Location Service (12:42)
Notify Customers of Incoming Deliveries Using Amazon Location Service (8:13)
Integrate Real-Time Location Services Into Your App So You Can Interact with Users (34:13)


Developer Guide
Describes key concepts of Amazon Location Service and provides instructions for using the service.

API Reference
Provides descriptions, syntax, and usage examples for each of the API actions and data types for Amazon Location Service.

Solution guide: Asset Tracking
An example of an asset tracking application architecture using Amazon Location 

Solution guide: Delivery
An example of a delivery application architecture using Amazon Location 

Solution guide: Geomarketing
An example of a user engagement and geomarketing application architecture using Amazon Location

Sample Applications 
The GitHub repository for Amazon Location Service sample apps described in the developer guide tutorials.

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