"We are excited to partner with AWS by bringing best-in-class services to customers on Amazon Location Service. This enables businesses and developers around the globe to achieve high levels of scalability while delivering reliable and industry-leading location services. Together with AWS, Esri’s location services help organizations unlock the power of location intelligence in your applications and everyday workflows."
Chris Nickola, Director – Mapping, Location Service, and Analytics

About Esri

Esri is the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping. Since 1969, Esri has supported customers with geographic science and geospatial analytics, known as The Science of Where. Esri takes a geographic approach to problem-solving, brought to life by modern GIS technology. Esri is committed to using science and technology to build a sustainable world. Over 300,000 organizations, including 90% of Fortune 100 companies, most national governments, 30,000 cities and local governments, all 50 US states, and 12,000 universities use Esri technology to run their organization. Esri invests 30% of its annual revenue into research and development with 49 offices worldwide, including 11 research and development centers.


Esri’s ArcGIS Platform location services are trusted by developers and organizations globally because of Esri’s unique approach to building services with the best data.

• Esri is not dependent on a single data source and sources country by country and region by region to acquire the best available data, and Esri integrates this data into a single API.
• Since 2010, the Esri basemaps have been enriched by over a billion authoritative community features with community edits from members of the Esri Community Maps program.
• Superior localization support with basemaps supporting more than 40 languages and geocoding supporting local languages country by country.

Amazon Location Service and Esri

Amazon Location Service uses Esri location services to provide maps, geocoding, and routing services to Amazon Location Service customers. Esri location services are built with high-quality, authoritative, and ready-to-use location data, curated by expert teams of cartographers, geographers, and demographers. Using Amazon Location Service with Esri as the data provider, customers have access to various styles of maps, which are continually updated for accuracy by a dedicated team of expert Esri cartographers, maintaining a global collection of up-to-date country-specific authoritative data with strong lineage, accuracy, and completeness. The cartographers implement feedback from Amazon Location Service and Esri customers to maintain the accuracy and the completeness of Esri location data.






Esri Light, Esri Navigation, Esri Light Gray Canvas, Esri Dark Gray Canvas, Esri Imagery, Esri Streets

Geocoding, reverse geocoding, auto-suggest

Search (address, point of interest, or X,Y)

Routing (point-to-point, multi-stop, matrix)

Travel modes (Car, truck, or walking)

Results include traffic (live or predictive)






Maps serve as a foundational layer in applications. Amazon Location Service has six prestyled maps designed by Esri’s team of professional cartographers. Esri maps provide a global digital mapping solution trusted by commercial, governmental, and scientific agencies around the world.

The Imagery Map includes 15m TerraColor imagery at small and mid-scales (~1:591M down to ~1:72k) and 2.5m SPOT Imagery (~1:288k to ~1:72k) for the world. The map features 0.5m resolution imagery in the continental United States and parts of Western Europe from Maxar. Additional Maxar sub-meter imagery is featured in many parts of the world. In the United States, one meter or better resolution National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) imagery is available in some areas.

In other parts of the world, imagery at different resolutions has been contributed by the GIS User Community. In select communities, very high-resolution imagery (down to 0.03m) is available down to ~1:280 scale.

The Esri basemaps have been enriched by over a billion authoritative features and 1 billion community edits from members of the Esri Community Maps program.


Amazon Location Service place indexes using Esri help you understand your location information. Geocoding and search help you convert your addresses and point-of-interest data into coordinates so that you can display them on a map or perform spatial analysis. You get accurate and reliable search results for addresses, landmarks, and much more from all over the world. With the geocoding capability provided by Esri, customers using Amazon Location Service can search for millions of addresses, businesses, places, landmarks, and other points of interest in 149 countries, in English as well as in supported local languages. With reverse geocoding provided by Esri, Amazon Location Service customers can obtain textual descriptions such as nearest address, intersection, or point of interest from coordinates on a map.

Amazon Location Service place indexes functionality available from Esri features:
• Street-level address data for 149 countries that covers more than 90 percent of the world's population.
• Address search in local alphabets and languages, Latin and non-Latin characters, translation and transliteration, and local address formats.
• The most up-to-date reference data from authoritative sources, including community, commercial, and governmental providers.


With the route calculator service provided by Amazon Location Service powered by Esri routing services, customers can find the most efficient routes based on time or distance, solve for two-stop routes or create a sequence that puts multiple stops in the best order. Amazon Location Service customers can also build these routes with live or historical traffic and choose either car, truck, or bicycle travel modes, with the option to choose to leave now or at a future date and time.

• Amazon Location Service functionality available from Esri: High-quality street data with global coverage to perform analyses in 247 countries.
• Comprehensive street data with historical, live, and predictive traffic information is available.
• Generate driving or walking directions in many languages.

To learn more about how to use Amazon Location Service powered by Esri, including coverage, see the Amazon Location Service developer guide. To use Esri’s capabilities, log in to the Amazon Location Service Console. To view the terms and conditions, visit terms.

Style of maps on Amazon Location Service from Esri

  • Esri Navigation
  • This map provides a detailed basemap for the world symbolized with a custom navigation map style. It also includes a richer set of places, such as shops, services, restaurants, attractions, and other points of interest.
  • Esri Imagery
  • Esri world imagery provides satellite and aerial imagery worldwide with a resolution of 1 meter or better in many parts of the world.
  • Esri Light
  • A detailed basemap for the world, symbolized with a classic Esri map style.
  • Esri Light Gray Canvas
  • This map is designed to focus attention on the thematic content by providing a neutral dark background with minimal colors, labels, and features.
  • Esri Streets
  • This comprehensive street map includes highways, major roads, minor roads, railways, water features, cities, parks, landmarks, building footprints, and administrative boundaries.
  • Esri Dark Gray Canvas
  • This map is designed to focus attention on the thematic content by providing a neutral dark background with minimal colors, labels, and features.
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