"Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, operating across the deliveries, mobility and digital financial services sectors in over 480 cities in eight countries in the Southeast Asia region. To offer an unparalleled service to our customers, we invest heavily in collecting and refreshing the mapping data that fuels our operations. We are excited to make this data available to other organizations through our collaboration with AWS. We hope that our joint customers will find it as valuable to their operations as we do.” 

Philipp Kandal, Head of Geo and Fulfilment, Grab

GrabMaps capabilities available on Amazon Location Service
  Maps Geocoding Reverse Geocoding Search Routing
Coverage Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand
Map styles Grab Standard Light, Grab Standard Dark

GrabMaps, a subsidiary of Grab Inc., is built on the principles of community-based mapping that leverages Grab’s consumers, merchants, and fleets of driver and delivery partners. GrabMaps extracts data on a daily basis from millions of orders and rides, with real-time feedback from partners on road closures, business address changes and more. Driver and delivery-partners also have the opportunity to earn additional income by collecting mapping information such as points of interest (POIs), street imagery, street names, and traffic signs. This allows GrabMaps to remain highly cost-effective while offering the best quality regional mapping data in accuracy, coverage, and freshness.

GrabMaps powers Amazon Location Service maps, places (search, geocoding, and reverse geocoding) and routes (including traffic and motorcycle mode in both point-to-point and matrix routing options) in eight Southeast Asian countries. GrabMaps’ highly scalable infrastructure offers access to hyper local conditions and attributes unique to Southeast Asia, such as routing that considers small alleyways and subdivisions or hard to find places.

Developers and teams using Amazon Location Service can enhance or build their own location-enabled applications leveraging GrabMaps. Developers can display their desired data on local maps that are up-to-date, use search boxes that accurately locate end-user addresses and points of interest, as well as calculate routes that use real-time traffic conditions to provide accurate estimated arrival times (ETAs).

To use GrabMaps’ capabilities, please log in the Amazon Location Service Console. To view the terms and conditions, please visit terms.

Map Rendering

Geocoding and Search


Vector tiles

  • Base map vector tiles at various zoom levels available for Southeast Asia



  • Access to over 50M places across Southeast Asia
  • Address and area retrieval
  • Free form or structured input
  • Improve user experience by completing search queries to reduce typing time and eliminate mistakes
Places ID:
  • Retrieves places details by specifying place IDs

Route options: 

  • Supports different transportation modes: car, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrian
  • Defaults to fastest route with options to avoid tolls, ferry routes or highways
  • Calculates accurate driving time estimates based on real time traffic and traffic patterns for each travel mode 

Traffic-enabled routing: 

  • Routes are computed based on real-time traffic or pattern traffic
  • Road closures are avoided in the routes based on the time of day or day of week

Matrix routing API:

  • Trip distance and time for multiple origin and destination points based on the recommended route between starting and ending coordinates

Style of maps on Amazon Location Service from GrabMaps

  • Grab Standard Light
  • A basemap created in monotone colors with detailed land use layers, area names, roads and points of interests.

  • Grab Standard Dark
  • A dark mode basemap tailored for low light conditions with detailed land use layers, area names, roads and points of interest.

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