"We live in a world that is increasingly powered by location data and technology, enabling people and objects to move and interact faster, safer and in more efficient ways than ever before," said Jørgen Behrens, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies. "Building on this understanding, we are excited to collaborate with AWS, and deliver high-quality location data to a broader market and the AWS developer community.” 

Jørgen Behrens, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies 

HERE capabilities available on Amazon Location Service
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Map styles Base maps, HERE Contrast, HERE Explore, HERE Explore Truck

HERE Technologies is a leading location data and technology platform company offering a location-centric platform that is open, secure, and private. Based on the concept of location and the potential it has, to radically improve the way you do business. HERE is driven to move people, businesses, and cities forward by harnessing the power of location.

By selecting HERE location data, you are selecting accurate, fresh, and robust data that is deployed natively on the AWS Cloud.

HERE Technologies

HERE provides Amazon Location Service with map rendering, geocoding, search, and routing, with global coverage and local flavor that transcends geographic borders.

The HERE vector tile service allows for vector tiles style customization while still providing for the needs of the lightweight applications. This means the AWS customers can leverage HERE or any 3rd party rendering engine for the map creation of their choice through a delivery format containing geometries, labels and other data typically passed to a renderer to draw a map. In addition, customers will benefit from fresh and high quality map content available today. The HERE Map receives over 5 million updates on average per day across the globe, which are thoroughly validated to deliver over 900 mapping attributes while maintaining the most accurate index of reality.

Through Amazon Location Service, customers can access a comprehensive portfolio of geocoding and search functionalities provided by HERE, from translating a human-readable address into latitude, longitude, and road segment information and vice-versa, to intelligently search for points of interest (POI), while retrieving the most relevant information from them.

HERE’s data comes with a high level of quality, flexibility, functionality, and enables critical use cases with precision and relevancy at their core. HERE services include a set of features that give access to location context, inclusive of administrative and postal code boundary shapes, point addressing, high-precision postal codes, match quality levels, and more. While leveraging a robust geocoding engine, it gives access to places geocoding capability which allows for HERE’s vast database of POIs to be recognized in geocoding queries, enabling more relevant and meaningful results.

To use HERE’s capabilities, please log in the Amazon Location Service Console. To view the terms and conditions, please visit terms.

HERE Map Rendering

HERE Geocoding and Search

HERE Routing

  • 2D Vector tiles in the size of 512x512 pixel at different zoom levels 
  • HERE or 3rd party rendering engine for map creation 
  • Client-side rendering for map interactivity and retrieval of Map Objects at an application level
  • HERE map content in industry accepted MVT format 
  • Support for build of geopolitical views on client side
  • Includes truck attribute properties (legal and hazmat)
  • Three maps styles: HERE Contrast, HERE Explore, HERE Explore Truck 


  • Geocoding: 
    • Free form, structured and hybrid address input
    • 400 million point addresses in over 102 countries and territories
    • 270 million hyper-precise point addresses in over 70 countries
    • Administrative and postal code boundary shapes 
    • High-precision postal codes (US, Great Britain and Republic of Ireland)
    • Places geocoding with integrated POI information in queries
  • Reverse geocoding: 
    • Address retrieval for the nearest street addresses including long-haul roads (e.g., freeways, interstates) and entry points
    • Area retrieval for administrative area information for given position (latitude/longitude)
  • One box search/discovery: 
    • Support for multiple query types input 
    • Querying by: place names, addresses (partial and complete, including postal codes), chains, categories, postal codes.


  • Route options: 
    • Support for different transportation modes: car, truck, pedestrian
    • Options for fastest route, avoid road types (e.g., highways, toll roads) 
  • Traffic-enabled routing: 
    • Routes based on real-time and/or historical traffic data
    • Time-aware routes based on time of day, time of the year 
    • Incident-aware routes based on traffic accidents, construction, etc.
  • Truck routing: 
    • Support for all physical restrictions 
    • Truck profiles1
    • Avoid U-turns and difficult maneuvers
                       1 height, length, width, and weight


Style of maps on Amazon Location Service from HERE

  • HERE Explore
  • A default HERE map style containing a neutral, global map and its features including roads, buildings, landmarks, and water features. It also now includes a fully designed map of Japan.

  • HERE Imagery
  • HERE imagery provides high resolution satellite imagery with global coverage.

  • HERE Hybrid
  • HERE Hybrid style displays the road network, street names, and city labels over the satellite imagery. This style will automatically retrieve both raster and vector tiles.

  • HERE Contrast
  • A flat view of a base map designed in high color contrast with buildings, roads and map elements (excluding Japan).

  • HERE Explore Truck
  • A global map containing truck restrictions and attributes, e.g. width, height, HAZMAT, symbolized with highlighted segments and icons on top of HERE Explore to support use cases within transport and logistics.

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