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Machine learning (ML) is an exciting and rapidly-developing technology that has the power to create millions of jobs and transform the way we live our daily lives. At AWS, our goal is to put ML in the hands of every developer and data scientist. Whether you are looking for a fun way to learn ML, up-level your professional skill set with online courses, or learn from other developers using AWS, you came to the right place. Choose the learning style and pace that works for you.

From Java Developer to Machine Learning Practitioner in 6 Months with Kesha Williams

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Machine Learning University

Level: Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Learn and apply ML with self paced online training used to train Amazon's own developers on ML.

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advanced learning ML

Practical Data Science Specialization

Level: Advanced

Become a Practical Data Science expert. Develop and scale your data science projects using Amazon SageMaker.

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ML Essentials for Business

Level: Beginner

Make informed decisions with foundational ML knowledge and drive your organization's strategy - no prior ML expertise required.

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Learn hands on

Get started quickly with interactive educational devices like AWS DeepRacer, DeepComposer, and DeepLens.

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Enroll in digital courses

Reach your professional ML goals with a variety of digital courses, each tailored to specific learning styles and skill levels. 

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Learn from experts

Meet the vibrant community of AWS ML customers, influencers, and experts and get started with videos, books, and tutorials.

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Dive deep

Advance your ML skills with webinars, tutorials, and workshops made for data scientists and developers.

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Transform your business

Learn how ML can transform your business from reducing operational costs to accelerating decision making.

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Learn hands on

Get started on ML quickly with our hands-on educational devices. These devices are an easy and fun way to learn the basics of cutting-edge ML techniques including reinforcement learning, generative AI, and deep learning.

World’s Largest Private Enterprise AWS DeepRacer League
AWS DeepRacer

AWS DeepRacer

Get hands-on with machine learning through a 3D racing simulator, fully autonomous 1/18th scale car, and global racing league.

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Deep Composer

AWS DeepComposer

Get started with generative AI through the creation of a melody that transforms into a completely original song in seconds using AI.

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AWS DeepLens

Learn the basics of deep learning through computer vision projects, tutorials, and real world, hands-on exploration.

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Enroll in a digital course

Reach your professional and technical goals with a variety of digital courses, each tailored to specific learning styles and skill levels. Earn a certification, learn on your own schedule, or find a Massive Open Online Course to fit your needs.

MLU Channel introduction
Master ML courses

Master ML with courses by AWS experts

Start your education journey with a role-based learning path and gain the skills needed to use ML in your professional life.

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ML University

Machine Learning University

Get access to the same courses used to train Amazon’s own engineers on ML, available to you at any time.

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Take a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Check out our course offerings on Udacity, Coursera, and edX. Each platform has a different teaching style and features a combination of guided lectures, projects, and quizzes to help you on your ML journey.


Learn from expert developers and data scientists

The AWS ML Community is a vibrant group of developers, data scientists, researchers, and business decision makers that dive deep on machine learning concepts, contribute to real-world applications, and collaborate on projects together. Check out the community and get started with videos, books, and tutorials.

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How I started a Career in Machine Learning No PhD required

Chris Miller's Poopinator

Learn how to build your first computer vision model with AWS DeepLens.

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Cat Flap

Ben Hamm's Cat Flap

Learn how to detect pet activity with AWS DeepLens.

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Dive deep

Level-up your existing knowledge of ML with these specialized webinars, tutorials, and workshops for aspiring ML developers, skilled data scientists, and everyone in between. Check out existing episodes or sign up for upcoming sessions covering the latest in AWS ML.

AWS Power Hour ML Episode 1
SM Fridays

SageMaker Fridays

Learn how to build, train, and deploy models with Amazon SageMaker through our Twitch series for developers, data scientists, and researchers.

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Power Hour

AWS Power Hour Machine Learning

AWS expert hosts Jon Dion and Kirsten Dupart, as well as special guests, will demonstrate how to build apps with AI Services from AWS.

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Tech Talks

Tech Talks

Join us for online presentations led by AWS solutions architects and engineers.


Transform your business

Learn more about how ML can transform your business from reducing operational costs to accelerating decision making. This collection of eBooks, case studies, and digital trainings will help you better understand how to apply ML to your business use case.

AWS Machine Learning Solves Unique Problems
Business resource

ML for business resources

Get access to eBooks, infographics, and business-oriented machine learning guides.

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ML Embark

AWS ML Embark provides onboarding, training, and implementation support to launch your machine learning journey.

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Business Challenges

ML for business challenges

Take this AWS Training and Certification course to understand how ML can help you solve your business problems.

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More resources

Here are some additional resources to help you learn more and kick off your ML journey.


10-minute tutorials

Get started and learn how to quickly use AI and ML services with these 10-minute tutorials.

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ML Deep Dive

AWS ML deep dive

Advance your knowledge of AWS ML with this detailed guide to all AWS ML services.

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