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Application monitoring and infrastructure performance

New Relic lets you see the context of every change in your AWS cloud environment for optimal performance at any scale.

Join this webinar to hear lessons learned along the way as Morningstar modernized its stack. Discover the challenges and care required for establishing new DevOps practices in a financial services environment.

Why New Relic?

New Relic is a cloud-based observability platform that monitors web and mobile applications in real-time to give developers, engineers, operations, and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex software environments. This can lead to reduced downtime, improved engineer productivity, and higher-performing applications that deliver differentiated experiences for customers.

Service reliability

Service reliability

Gain an unparalleled view of your dynamic infrastructure through combined configuration monitoring and real-time health metrics with a dynamic, tag-driven approach to dashboards and alerting.

AWS migration

AWS Migration

Easily instrument your application at every step. The agents collect detailed app performance data as your app moves from on-premises to AWS, with no additional configuration required.

Application modernization

Application modernization

Manage containerized environments, measure the impact of back-end infrastructure on digital customer experience, and optimize AWS cloud spend and system performance.

Monitor the performance health of your AWS services with New Relic

New Relic Integrations uses the AWS CloudWatch API to obtain metrics from AWS services (e.g. EC2, ECS, Cloudwatch, & Lambda) you monitor so that application performance is visualized for easy analysis.

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Webinar: How to Quickly Deploy and Monitor Applications and Infrastructure on AWS

Explore strategies to accelerate your software and infrastructure deployment that will lay a foundation for success. You'll see the strategies come to life through real-world examples and AWS customer success stories.

Challenges of moving to a modern IT environment

Organizations face challenges when modernizing their applications in the cloud such as completing a "lift and shift" migration, but not realizing the benefits, lacking the ability to experiment more in the cloud without creating instability, and needing to adopt new services but struggling with complexity and improving mean time to resolution.

Modernize and optimize your AWS investment

Moving to AWS is only one component of modernizing your infrastructure, applications, and approach to software development. New Relic’s eBook, The Enterprise Guide to Continuous Application Modernization walks you through the benefits and key elements of a continuous modernization strategy—from rehosting and replatforming, to refactoring your applications running on AWS.

Modernize and optimize your AWS investment

Optimize your applications and infrastructure for scale and availability

Gain a consolidated performance view across your stack, so you can understand the value of migration and optimize and justify your infrastructure and cloud usage.

  • Comprehensive visibility into modern environments: Get visibility to critical AWS Cloud services and connect cloud performance data to broader application and end-user experience data for faster problem identification.
  • Analytics and intelligence: Iterative, ad-hoc querying capabilities along with applied intelligence help you dive deep into the data to find reliability issues in the most complex environments.
  • Customer and application centric: With a deep history in APM and instrumentation from infrastructure to end-user experience, New Relic helps engineering teams who comprehensively understand performance to positively impact customers.
Modernize and optimize your AWS investment

New Relic helped The Climate Corporation evolve its DevOps strategy providing the company with a common tool to monitor all of its applications and aggregate data into one view.

The Climate Corporation creates digital tools and applications that aggregate data from farmers’ fields to help them make informed decisions about their crops. Modern farmers can use that data to optimize the performance of their acreage, drive efficiencies, and control costs. Learn more»

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I don't want to have to be a thought leader with regards to gathering metrics or even how the data is gathered. New Relic comes out-of-the box at no extra charge. I just have to wire it up, which is extremely easy, pull the data out, and then manipulate it so that my developers understand where the problems are and build solutions for their scientists.

Scott Pigeon, Senior Staff Engineer, The Climate Corporation
AWS Competencies

New Relic is an APN Advanced Technology Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with AWS Competencies in Migration, Mobile, DevOps, Container, Retail, and Government specialized solution areas.