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Empower Your Data with AI: Unveil the Future of Customized Chatbots with Amazon

In this free workshop discover how to harness AI and LLMs for effective data retrieval from a custom data sources with our free demo. See how a chatbot specialized in your documentation utilizes open-source foundation models to deliver current, precise, and relevant data. Learn how to develop your secure, customized chatbot tailored to your unique organization's needs.


The Solution: AI Chatbot Empowerment

Generative AI Chatbots with Amazon are designed to support internal users through web chat, enabling dynamic conversations powered by Amazon Bedrock and LLM technology. It focuses on retrieving and augmenting data from internal documents, ensuring all personally identifiable information (PII) remains secure within a sandboxed environment. The system is persona-optimized, allows structured responses with formatting and links, maintains a running chat history for each user, and provides an interactive, ChatGPT-like conversation experience.

How Generative AI Chatbots with Amazon Bedrock Benefit You

Support internal users

Enhance internal support through web chat; this service boosts efficiency in resolving internal queries, ensuring team members have instant access to support, leading to better productivity and streamlined operations.

ChatGPT-like conversations

Providing ChatGPT-like conversational experiences ensures rich, context-aware interactions, mirroring leading AI models' intuitive and intelligent engagement.

Retrieval and augmentation from internal documents

Secure and efficient data handling from internal documents protects sensitive information while enhancing knowledge accessibility and utility.

PII Containment:

A contained environment ensures the highest data privacy and security standards, protecting against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Allow structured responses with formatting and links

Structured responses enrich information exchange, making it more precise and actionable for users.

Maintain running chat history

Continuous chat history per user enhances service personalization and context awareness, improving the relevance and efficiency of support.


  • Duration: 30-60 minute Demo and Consultation
  • Cost: Free
  • Components:
    • Discover: Participate in an interactive demo of the chatbot in action, showcasing real-time data retrieval and augmentation capabilities from internal documents.
    • Workshop: At our workshop, you will learn how to customize chatbots, optimize conversation flows, and structure responses with formatting and links.
    • Explore: Explore how sensitive data is protected during chatbot interactions in a secure, confined environment.


  • Enhances internal user support through interactive web chat
  • Employs Amazon Bedrock to facilitate rich, LLM-driven conversations
  • Ensures secure data retrieval and augmentation from internal documents
  • Keeps all personally identifiable information (PII) secure within a sandboxed environment
  • Optimizes chatbot personas for tailored user experiences
  • Supports structured responses, including formatting and links for comprehensive interactions
  • Maintains a continuous chat history for each user, enabling context-rich, ChatGPT-like conversations

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How we support you

  • Contact us anytime at
  • We will provide persona and roadmaps for your adoption
  • We can schedule additional meetings as needed
  • We will give you all demonstration materials
  • We will help you present this content to internal stakeholders

What we do

1904labs will help you discover ways to enable your business with Amazon Bedrock, building a roadmap of how you can integrate Amazon AWS products such as Lex, Connect, Lamda, Cohere, and Bedrock. We will partner with you at any level from needs analysis, strategic planning, proof-of-concept development, or custom development and deployment.