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You can now add Elastic Cloud right onto your AWS bill. Hosted and managed Elasticsearch brought to you by the creators of Elasticsearch. Elastic Cloud ships with a host of features you can only get from the company behind Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Our team of software engineers have a wealth of experience with hosting and managing Elasticsearch clusters in production. Elastic Cloud runs on AWS, and all clusters run on high-performing Amazon EC2 i2 instances that are suited for production environments. All Elastic Cloud plans include X-Pack features such as monitoring, management... See more

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Oh, the things I learned!

  • By DIY Elasticsearch
  • on 02/15/2018

The Elastic Cloud service wasn't for us. We use Elasticsearch for storing and analyzing the logs for our various servers/services. We could only store a limited amount of logs (obviously), though much more limited than we would like - your cluster's provisioning are linked on memory and disk space, in order to get more storage you'll also need to bump up the memory. I found I was having to bump to the next tier when my memory usage wasn't even close to maxed out. The price of a production cluster quickly escalated to a point where the cost couldn't be justified. I think this is probably due to our use case - so, your experience my differ.

If you care about uptime, you'll also want(need) to pay for Gold or Platinum support. I liked the convenience of paying through the AWS marketplace - but, the impression I got was that Elastic would prefer you pay them directly.

They also, offer an X-Pack monitoring service, which seems useful, but I didn't use, so I can't comment on it. However, if you chose not to use that service, be prepared to roll your own monitoring solution - otherwise your only way to detect problems pro-actively is via the Elastic Cloud web page.

Perhaps I expected too much from this service, but seeing as it is a pricey option (compared to self hosting), I feel my expectations were justified.

Configuration Flexibility was the determining factor.

  • By TreverW
  • on 02/15/2018

Elastic Cloud gave us more flexibility and control than the AWS ElasticSearch and the ability to manage it within our AWS market account. Having x-pack available for security and monitoring and ability to customize the configuration for Slack notifications and alerts.

X-pack functionality is a game-changer

  • By KayN
  • on 07/20/2017

Being able to use X-pack functionalities like security, monitoring and alerting has made it much easier for us to secure and optimize our elasticsearch experience. Role-based access control (RBAC) that is part of X-pack security was an essential part of our decision to move to Elastic Cloud.

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