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WordPress Certified by Bitnami and Automattic

Bitnami, the leaders in application packaging, and Automattic, the experts behind WordPress, have teamed up to offer this official WordPress image on AWS Marketplace. WordPress is the world's most popular content management platform. Whether it's for an enterprise or small business website, or a personal... See more

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5-star reviews ( Show all reviews )

Easy to Setup - Much Appreciated

  • By Prasadh
  • on 06/08/2019

I followed the Instructions on Amazon Documentation & I was able to Setup a new WP Site without any problems and withing 5 minutes my basic WordPress Installation was done and I was able to access the WP Site via Public IP.

Easy to setup and use

  • By BET
  • on 05/28/2019

This was a piece of cake to get going. Created a cloudformation script to spin up the EC2 with this AMI and then installed Updraft to make daily backups to S3. When a new AMI is available, I simply modify the cloudformation script, create a new environment and restore the backup and I'm good to go.

We only use WordPress for "brochure-ware" so as long as it renders our site we are happy. Perhaps if we used WordPress for more significant use cases we would discover the limitations others seem to find with this but it works well for us.

Easy - Ive been using wordpress for 7 years!

  • By Good
  • on 05/13/2019

No idea what peoples issues are. Easy to set up and easy to use. Perfect for inexperienced users. Was all up and running for FREE in 10 mins

Works well on free tier.

  • By Nicholas Weiner
  • on 07/16/2018

I've been using this image on my EC2 instance for a month, and so far I have to say it has run flawlessly.

Easy installation

  • By wp user
  • on 01/06/2018

Was able to launch new a Wordpress EC2 instance in just a few steps, using the easy to follow instructions. Great AMI and documentation.


  • By Omar
  • on 09/12/2017

the tool is really excellent but I would have liked to have an installation so easy with RDS it would be very well

It just work NICE!

  • By BG
  • on 09/06/2017

In step "Step 3: Make Changes to Your Website" is just "black screen". Only after "reboot" server from aws console shown. Someone reported it into reviews too. Otherwise everything is OK.



  • By Jared Marin
  • on 05/05/2017

Entire process was easy to implement. If want a WordPress site using AWS, this is the route to take. WordPress powered by Bitnami saves a lot of time.

Quick and Easy setup!

  • By Steve Stanzel
  • on 01/11/2017

Wasn't sure if I was jumping down a rabbit hole but this was really straightforward. A simple way to both explore WordPress as well as LightSail and AWS in general.

It worked great on my first try!

  • By Tim
  • on 11/26/2016

Having installed WordPress before on a different server (non-AWS), I wasn't exactly looking forward to going through all the hassle of setting it up with its dependencies like SQL. I was pleasantly surprised with the Bitnami experience. The rough stuff was already completed. All I had to do was get my user password -- which is well-documented on how to do that -- and then login to my already operational WordPress. I didn't have to mess around with a command line interface for any of this to work.