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Starting from $0.15/hr or from $1,116.00/yr (15% savings) for software + AWS usage fees Load Balancer for AWS provides advanced Layer 4 / 7 load balancing, automatically distributing incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances... See more

Customer Reviews

Create Your Own Review has been a tremendous partner

  • By Josh L
  • on 12/20/2017

We chose last year after working with prior providers for the prior 2 years. Our specific use case was to only balance UDP traffic, but more importantly, we needed it to work in a round robin format as each packet is distinct from the prior. Think IOT devices transmitting at a high frequency to the cloud from across the globe. said they could handle both the load and the use case, and they definitely were correct! More importantly though, their support is top notch.

If you are not sure about F5, Barracuda,, etc... especially for AWS EC2, definitely give this a look, you will be happy you did in my opinion

Reliable product with great product support

  • By Ian Fairbrother
  • on 09/19/2017

We have been using for sometime now and been really impressed with the simplicity of the interface and reliability of service.
There are not many loadbalancers out there that support layer 4 UDP loadbalancing but this works perfectly for us.
When we have had questions the product support team are quick to respond.

Very responsive pre-sales support

  • By nycpilot
  • on 12/06/2016

I had a complex load balancing requirement that required possible kernel changes and even though we never managed to find a match, their attention to my needs were exceptional. I will certainly consider them again in the future. I gave them five stars just effort.

Great LB with excellent support

  • By Kash
  • on 09/06/2016

Pretty easy to setup and configure, powerful load balancer and the support has been absolutely brilliant. I ran into a few issues with a more complex network config setup and attempting to automate deployment + configuration, but the team were very quick to respond to my queries and even produced a couple bash scripts to work around the some of the issues I was facing. Overall very happy and would definitely recommend! :)

Wonderful software - amazing support

  • By PhilS
  • on 08/03/2016

This product is fantastic and takes Loadbalancing far beyond the ELBs from Amazon. Those are great for simple workloads, but if you need to balance a more complex environment (including UDP!) this is the way to go.

Incredibly Easy to Setup and Manage

  • By Fluid Networks
  • on 06/14/2016

The product is incredible and each new version in AWS is easier to manage than the previous version. We manage a RDS Terminal Server farm with almost 5000 users as of today. Originally we started out with just load balancing the RDS Gateway Servers, however after more experience with the true technical limitations in Microsoft’s design of RDS 2012 R2 we have since begun using the appliance to balance connections to the RDS Brokers as well.

Quality product with quality support

  • By Steven Kenny, TitanHQ
  • on 03/08/2016

"I spent over two hours on the phone to Ben in the UK deploying and configuring the loadbalancer. He talked me step-by-step through the process. His support was excellent.
When submitting a ticket via support loadbalancer org I got prompt responses and questions that showed the engineers have a very good understanding of their product.
Overall, I received the level of support I strive to provide to my customers."

Works well, but no support for CloudFront automation

  • By Roy F.
  • on 01/27/2016

Good product if you plan on configuring the LB manually. If you plan to automate deployments using CloudFormation to create scalable services, you better off using a different appliance or create your own.

Flexible solution in fix IP wise

  • By Laszlo Peter
  • on 10/06/2015

We needed a fix IP Loadbalancer more than 2 years ago. Since we use it we haven't got problems with this product.

-It's a Linux host, it is easy to configure for custom purposes of the different components
-In the version that we use, it was easy to setup HTTPS load balancing
-Because we can login to the terminal, we can use it for CSV file delivery and monitoring and alert email sending

I'm glad we have this type of instance, we can access to the console and we can use it as a Linux host.

Once again - a home run for LoadBalancer support!

  • By Jeffrey A. Clark
  • on 07/14/2015

We had to transition from the original LoadBalancer product to the latest LoadBalancer for AWS. As with any upgrade/migration, there were a few issues, that required support. As I have said in previous reviews - these folks GET IT! The support team is professional, responsive and solved our problems. The appliance itself seems bulletproof and has been handling 100% of our web traffic flawlessly for a couple of weeks now.

Great to work with, great to use and maintain. Kudos!

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