Aviatrix for Cloud Interconnect, Cloud Peering and VPN (BYOL)

Key use cases: 1) AWS Global Transit Network using a wizard like workflow. 2) Encrypted intra and inter regioin VPC peering and transitive peering. 3) Native AWS VPC peering. 4) NAT function and Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) filtering for egress control to Internet. Stateful firewall between VPCs. ... See more

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point and click networking in the cloud.- very easy to deploy.

  • By wilson
  • on 06/16/2017

was able to do a lot more with security groups and nAcl. very easy to use to deploy any cloud connection.

Very easy to use vpn concentrator and point and click vpc to vpc connectivity

  • By Jesse
  • on 01/10/2017

I really enjoyed using the interface to quickly boot and rollout a VPN concentrator in a matter of minutes not hours. Drop in replacement for the Openvpn AS appliance. Looks like the gateway functionality will be a breeze to setup transitive peering between vpcs. Thanks a bunch to my Asang and Elizabeth for helping me get started so quickly.

Great product for VPN networking

  • By AronT
  • on 12/12/2016

AWS provides most of the networking tools you need for security - Security Groups, ACLs, and now even WAF. So one would think expensive firewall appliances are mostly obsolete. The big missing tool is VPN. Aviatrix fills the gap with a great tool that:
1. is fairly priced
2. easy to use and effective
3. Feature rich including cross-cloud and premise to cloud connectivity

And support is helpful as well.

Highly recommended to add to your AWS network arsenal.

Makes cloud networking a breeze

  • By Nashville Cloud Arch
  • on 12/02/2016

Great product, great team to work with. Makes cross region peering easy, along with VPN setup between on-prem and AWS. Very stable too.

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