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Nessus Scanner (Pre-Authorized)

(Note: subscription required). Nessus is the de-facto industry standard for vulnerability assessment. Trusted by more than 27,000 organizations worldwide, Nessus provides vulnerability analysis, patch confirmation, configuration assessment, and sensitive data identification for EC2 environments... See more

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Annoyingly out of date

  • By B
  • on 08/08/2018

It'd be nice if the security scanning company patched the bugs that their own scanners find about their software

That being said the aws deployment is quite streamlined, two common annoyance problems it must have a 50+GB harddrive on the instance

And it takes 10-15mins before the instance is actually useable

Works as advertised, easy to setup and automate with CloudFormation

  • By SeanM
  • on 07/13/2018

I saw some negative reviews here, and that sparked me to write one to clear up misconceptions that I too had that frustrated me with this AMI until I better understood the process. This is not a Nessus instance in that you cannot connect to it to manage it directly and it does not serve any web interface. Instead, this instance is a cloud scanner that will perform scans on items in the same VPC it is installed into, as directed by the website. As part of the instantiation process, once must provide UserData to link the cloud website with this scanner, and then it is controlled completely from the portal.

The recommended AMI is unstable

  • By Jubilee
  • on 07/11/2018

It appears that the Tenable MarketPlace AMI is highly inconsistent and unstable. Each time we deploy a new EC2 instance using the Tenable AMI, It works briefly and then completely stops.

Completely non-functional as other reviewer noted

  • By ThisReviewingGuy
  • on 05/23/2018

Unable to connect to instance via any method (SSH, HTTP, HTTPS or per Nessus standard port 8834 via HTTPS). Can be instance dependent, but also attempted ICMP (with associated SG) and received no response.

Unable to connect

  • By Bouncingsoles
  • on 10/19/2017

Can't connect via SSH authorized keys or via HTTP port of 8834 which Nessus uses to manage via web interface... Notified their support.

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