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Good program, and cheap for what it offers.

  • October 19, 2015
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

The Good:

The program works very well and has a lot of very useful features that the user can use to customise the backup jobs to his/her personal requirements. Some examples: Bandwidth throttling, stop computer of going to sleep during a backup job, file compression, file block backup, etc.

There are many backup destinations to choose from and the backup service engine works un-intrusive and the whole implementation seems to be very robust.

Inexpensive for what it offers.

Some Observations:

The backup service engine has no icon shown when the console is closed. (Would be handy).

When putting the licence code in the program some of the option setting where lost that where set when the program was in evaluation mode. (Happened in my case anyway, but is just a minor problem).

The build-in help file seems to be a bit out of date. (Not a major problem but may give the user the incorrect impression that the program is somewhat ‘dated’).

The console’s interface deviates considerably from what most users are used to, in essence from the standard MS Windows Application Interface. (Not a problem to me but it does increases the learning curve and this may put some people off).

The Bad:

I cannot think of any major negative points for this program.


CloudBerry Backup Review

  • August 01, 2015
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Great product. Reliable, never skips a backup. Really like the email feature to confirm backups have been completed. Would help to have even more detailed setup instructions.

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