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Great for Small/Medium companies with no dedicated DBA resource

  • March 01, 2017
  • Review verified by AWS Marketplace

Great for small to medium size companies with small infrastructures who don't necessarily need/want a DBA and have developers who prefer to spend their on writing code than managing MongoDB infrastructure. It's very easy to use and well layed out, providing a good array of monitoring metrics.

I'd say it's also good for proof of concept projects or sandboxes which are spun up and shut down once the need for them has gone.

At the moment it doesn't provide any of the enterprise level features than a more mature IT organisation would normally need/like (data encryption, auditing...etc). The larger your MongoDB estate is and the larger your data then the more expensive it becomes compared to running your on MongoDB estate in the cloud (both hardware and backup costs)

You're also limited in the instance types you can use and also the number of servers. For example do you really need a 3 node replica set for your test environment? Load Test and Prod for sure but for Test I'm not really sure this is required, so depending on how big your estate is you've just tripled your cost of this environment. If you want to shard you have to commit to fairly expensive larger instances, where I thought one of the pro's of sharding was that you could scale out over commodity hardware.

Hopefully it will become more feature rich as the product matures.

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