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Suavei was formed by a team of seasoned cybersecurity experts that share one common set of beliefs: first, our core belief (and purpose) is that this army of IoT devices can and must be secured against misuse by criminal organizations and rogue nations. In other words, we believe that securing them is both feasible and an imperative to prevent massive socio-economic losses. Second, we believe that the process of securing them can be easy and user friendly, and can be done without sacrificing freedom. Third, we believe that the burden of securing them should be in the hands of manufacturers and service providers, not the end users. Finally, we believe in a world where IoT devices continue to improve quality of life, without a dark cloud of fear hanging over its users. We are achieving that vision and catering to that set of beliefs by creating and developing an IoT Security Intelligence Platform that makes sense of and takes action based on a wealth of cyber security information it collects. A platform that leverages the best technologies including Blockchain and Machine Learning to stay ahead of the hackers, and scale to meet the explosive growth of IoT devices. A product that is easy to use, user friendly, easy to deploy, and doesn't limit the freedom of the end users.


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Suavei IoT Security allows you to perform a cybersecurity assessment on any device, VM or Server connected to an Amazon VPC, or on the public Internet. The virtual scanner...

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