Workforce optimization software in AWS Marketplace

Customer engagement and customer experience are key differentiators in today’s competitive landscape. Solutions in AWS Marketplace turn data into actionable insights to increase efficiencies and improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Workforce optimization software for Business

Use workforce optimization software in AWS Marketplace to improve your business operations, simplify bookkeeping tasks, and keep track of all your projects. 

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Calabrio ONE provides a complete toolset to unlock the value buried within your customer interaction data and use it to transform your entire business. Calabrio integrates with Amazon Connect and is an APN Advanced Technology Partner. Calabrio ONE's integration with Amazon Connect makes it simple for any organization to quickly build an intelligent, modern contact center in the cloud.

Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimization for Amazon Connect features include:

  • Smart scheduling and dynamic employee engagement
  • Hone forecasting and streamline scheduling and administration
  • Automate recording, evaluation, and reporting
  • Speech, desktop, and text analytics unlock contact center data
  • Customer-centric intelligence

How it works

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Rackspace’s customer service environment had multiple disparate systems, applications, and services, all leading to over-provisioning of agents during peak times. After evaluating multiple solutions, Rackspace ultimately chose Calabrio ONE based upon its ease of use, positive implementation experience, customizations, and API integrations. As a result, Rackspace reduced queue backlogs by 41%, latency by 29%, and decreased ticket volumes by 7.5% since customers no longer needed to call back regarding unresolved tickets.

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Before Calabrio, we couldn't report on adherence with any regularity or via any sort of standardized process. Now, we’ve integrated our ACD with Calabrio, so we easily can report on irregular behavior and recommend changes. We’re delivering a better customer experience, and our customers know that someone will be there when they need them.

           Chris West, WFO Program Manager, Rackspace


OpenText Qfiniti delivers workforce engagement applications for use with Amazon Connect. Qfiniti provides call recording playback of Amazon Connect interactions, easily built quality monitoring forms, desktop screen capture, muting and masking of voice and screen activity for payment card industry (PCI) compliance, and desktop analytics. Qfiniti’s simple licensing is based on named agents, includes training, and does not require licensing for non-agent users or administrators.

Qfiniti for Amazon Connect features include:

  • Interactions recorded by Amazon Connect and stored in S3
  • Qfiniti playback of interactions/metadata from the Connect S3 storage location
  • Data triggers to mute and mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII)/Payment Card Industry Information (PCI)
  • Desktop activity captured and on-screen agent guidance and automation

How it works

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'It's fun here' is the well-known slogan of leading American home shopping company HSN. But to preserve this high-standard, HSN knew it had to guarantee total shopper satisfaction. HSN turned to the full suite of OpenText products to improve overall customer satisfaction in both sales and customer service. By implementing OpenText Qfiniti, HSN was able to monitor and improve agent interactions. This meant they offered the superior level of service that their customers have come to expect.

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With OpenText Qfiniti, we’ve been able to improve overall customer satisfaction in both sales and customer service. We’ve also been able to identify trends or opportunities related to the call length, as well as key behaviors that were affecting sales performance or efficiency.

           Ricardo Weld, Director of Performance Support, HSN



Verint Workforce Optimization (WFO) is a unified suite of cloud solutions for capturing interactions and managing the performance of employees across the enterprise. WFO delivers powerful insights to enhance contact center productivity and quality, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Verint Workforce Optimization for Amazon Connect use cases include:

  • Mobile scheduling and shift-swapping
  • Embedded omnichannel real-time search and evaluation
  • Automated quality and performance management
  • Speech, text, and desktop analytics
  • Easy-to-extract speech transcriptions for intelligence sharing

How it works

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The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America needed greater agility, reliability, and functionality in their workforce optimization system. Since implementing WFO, Guardian has increased productivity by up to 20% across its back-office operations. By staffing to requirements curves, Guardian has decreased its overall staffing requirements by 8% and reduced overtime by 30% – saving millions.

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From an efficiency perspective, profitability perspective, and service perspective, Verint is one of our primary tools. It makes the employee’s job easier. It provides them with a level of accessibility that allows them to do things that are important to them which allows them to focus on the customer.

          Scott Boyd, Director of Workforce Planning, Guardian Life