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Organizations are increasingly asked to provide data access to different teams to develop business applications and insights that drive business decisions. AWS Marketplace offers Control Tower integrated ISV solutions that help achieve these goals by simplifying data availability in a secure multi-tenant environment.

These are just a few examples of data solutions. Scroll down or use the drop-down menu to learn more about each solution.

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  • Couchbase
  • Druva
  • Snowflake


Couchbase is a distributed document database with a powerful search engine and in-built operational and analytical capabilities. It brings the power of NoSQL to the edge and provides fast, efficient bidirectional synchronization of data between the edge and the cloud. Couchbase elastically scales its data layer as well as the services that use the data and excels at supporting business-critical applications at scale while maintaining submillisecond latencies and 99.999% availability.

Couchbase Server features include:

  • Native JSON document support and SQL compatible query language (N1QL)
  • ACID transactions to assure data correctness
  • Performance and workload isolation using Multi-Dimensional Scaling
  • Multi-master, multi-region clusters using bidirectional cross datacenter replication

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SyncThink needed a data platform that worked even when connectivity was spotty, plus enterprise security to meet rigorous patient privacy regulations such as HIPAA. They selected Couchbase’s robust, mature data platform with ready to support cloud and mobile integration that could work offline and seamlessly sync environments with limited connectivity. This resulted in easily scalable performance for mobile applications, fast, automatic sync that sped up concussion assessments after injury, built-in enterprise security to support HIPAA compliance, and easy admin which kept the Dev team focused on product.
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The Couchbase sync capabilities are very impressive. Teams can test multiple players simultaneously, then sync a large amount of data seamlessly.

Daniel Beeler, Chief Technology Officer, SyncThink


Druva offers a purpose-built, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), data protection solution for AWS – including cloud-native apps (Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS), containers (Amazon EKS), and migrated workloads (Oracle, SQL). With Druva’s cloud-native SaaS platform, you can leave behind the cost and complexity found in solutions that aren’t built for the cloud. You save time and money, while getting comprehensive backup, recovery, disaster recover (DR), lifecycle management and compliance, purpose-built for workloads on AWS, that’s secure, scalable, and always available.

Druva features include:

  • Policy-based backup, retention and lifecycle management across multiple AWS accounts
  • Robust disaster recovery capabilities to mitigate against ransomware or malicious intent
  • Seamlessly created cross-region and cross-account DR sites based on source sites by cloning Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon VPCs)
  • Centralized visibility across AWS environments with global dashboards
  • File-search functionality to search across all regions and snapshots to find specific files to restore quickly and easily

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Snowflake’s platform powers and provides access to the Data Cloud, creating a solution that brings together diverse data into one system. Snowflake allows organizations to discover and share data without physically moving it, regardless of the format of that data. Snowflake provides organizations the ability to control data in a way that enables collaboration while maintaining high levels of security and compliance.

Snowflake features include:

  • Instant elasticity
  • Single source of truth for all data
  • Global and secure data sharing
  • Comprehensive data storage
  • Fully managed service layer
  • Near-infinite scale

How it works

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Data growth impacted’s data warehouse workload management. There was no support for semi-structured data and scaling meant adding nodes or increasing compute, causing downtime. migrated to Snowflake to simplify its data management and build an ML pipeline. Snowflake simplified the management of 200+ terabytes of data, automated email marketing, and implemented a metasearch bidding model, resulting in time and cost savings.
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Snowflake scales up and down quickly, easily, and cost-effectively without downtime.

Gengmei Zhao, Engineering Manager,