Datasets for Financial Services

Leverage data to power and achieve operational efficiency and realize savings within Financial Services.

Leverage better data for better insights

The future of the finance services industry is being driven by advanced data and insights that are transforming financial services institutions across banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance.  These segments must lead the effort to identify and curate the data most important for companywide performance, ensuring that data is high-quality, highly accessible, and regularly reviewed and updated.  AWS Data Exchange can help banks, insurers, and asset managers to find and subscribe to third-party datasets containing market data, news archives, compensation benchmarks, industry profiles, company sentiments, and more.
Learn how Accenture and AWS Marketplace can help financial services organizations transform and innovate.
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Financial services data-drive solutions in AWS Marketplace

The following third-party datasets in AWS Marketplace are purpose-built to help financial services institutions modernize infrastructures, meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, and drive business growth.
Facteus' US Consumer Card Payments provides daily transaction data from 20+ million cards; 1,600+ Merchants and 520+ Tickers tagged.

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Factset Research Systems, Inc.
Factset XML Transcripts provides conference call date, time, participant name, and contact details for over 1.7 million company corporate events.

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RepRisk ESG Data Feeds systematically monitors ESG and business conduct issues that potentially violate internal policies or international standards.

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Additional financial services use cases

AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that can help you create innovative experiences, comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of financial services data.  Find other financial services solutions by use case below. 
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Selection, speed, and agility

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Flexible pricing and terms

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Control and governance

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The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q2 2020 report recognizes AWS Marketplace as a Leader, and states that we provide advanced features relevant for procurement.


Learn about the latest financial services solutions for creating innovative experiences, accelerating time to market, and strengthening resiliency and customer confidence with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how time series database solutions in AWS Marketplace can help you collect, manage, and analyze mission-critical market data while maximizing efficiency.
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