Clinical information systems

Improve collaboration with solutions that help you collect, store, manage, and transmit healthcare data across information systems and applications.


Improve collaboration among healthcare providers

Providing care in multiple settings and at various points in the patient journey requires organizations to pool together clinical data and transmit between information systems and applications.  AWS Marketplace offers third-party solutions that enable secure data storage and the fast transfer of patient information.  These solutions help to improve collaboration and communication across healthcare providers in order to enhance the patient experience and improve patient outcomes.

Learn how AWS Marketplace can help you manage compliance while enabling data interoperability.

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Solutions for clinical information systems in AWS Marketplace

The following third-party solutions in AWS Marketplace are purpose-built to help healthcare organizations enhance patient care, lower costs, and improve outcomes throughout the continuum of care. 
AIDA Healthcare

AIDA Healthcare is a referral and workflow management platform for all major provider types with payor contract validation and live analytics.

See how it works ➜
See how it works ➜
ExceedPACs - 100% cloud based radiology PACS / VNA system

Emergent Connect ExceedPACs is a cloud radiology system with DICOM Viewer, RIS, Worklist integrated w/FDA cleared AI, VNA, and Disaster Recovery.

See how it works ➜
See how it works ➜
OpenEMR Cloud
OpenEMR Cloud is a health records and practice management solution that features patient data backups, cross-instance recovery, SSL encryption, and more.
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See how it works ➜
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Additional healthcare use cases

AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that can help you modernize care, improve patient outcomes, comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of healthcare data.  Find other healthcare solutions by use case below.
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Cloud marketplaces accelerate digital transformation in healthcare

Discover emerging cloud trends to accelerate digital transformation and see how healthcare organizations are leveraging AWS Marketplace to streamline software deployment.


Selection, speed, and agility

Quickly procure and deploy products from healthcare sellers that address your need to unlock the value of data and innovate the patient care experience.

Flexible pricing and terms

Access pricing options that give you the flexibility to test software, pay as you go, negotiate custom terms, and save money with long-term commitments.

Control and governance

Centralize governance, innovate quickly, and launch healthcare software or third-party data products that align with your policies and compliance requirements.


Learn about the latest healthcare solutions for enhancing patient care, lowering costs, and improving outcomes with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how Accenture and AWS Marketplace can help you build a more powerful ecosystem to transform and innovate care.
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AWS Marketplace takes the stage at this year’s AWS re:Invent to share how solutions in AWS Marketplace can simplify healthcare compliance.
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Learn how AWS Marketplace can help you achieve and manage healthcare interoperability from the different points of care.

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