Data backup, recovery, and management

Commvault provides solutions to help the backup, recovery, and management of data, including files, applications, databases, and hypervisors on-premises and in the cloud.

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to not only protect a growing amount of data, but also create more value from that data to drive the delivery of better patient care.

A modern data backup and recovery solution allows healthcare organizations to manage all data - both clinical and business – through the simplicity of a single interface, no matter where that data resides. This solution eliminates the need for multiple point solutions, breaks down data silos, improves data management efficiency, and helps organizations understand and use their data most effectively.

Data Backup, Recovery, and Management



With native integration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Commvault Backup as a Service for AWS can quickly and securely help healthcare organizations manage data migration from their data centers to the cloud - or from other public or private clouds - to AWS.

And with the simplicity of a single interface to manage data both locally and stored in the cloud, this integrated solution minimizes administrative overhead and the need for specialized appliances. Together, Commvault and AWS can help reduce costs, simplify enterprise data management, and better prepare for future data growth.


A large health plan combines Commvault as a Service for AWS and AWS for enterprise data protection

A large non-profit health plan organization consisting of more than 1,000 employees and 440,000 members needed to lower costs by moving a large part of its infrastructure to the cloud. The organization elected to move all its application data to AWS to optimize data center space, manage business more efficiently, and benefit from lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The organization was able to reduce backup and data recovery costs by 48% annually. The organization’s previous backup and recovery solution had proven unable to keep up with demand. Appliances were overloaded since data was inefficiently deduplicated. Adding further frustration was the fact that the old solution was unable to execute granular backups of their Oracle databases, necessitating frequent full backups.

Customer Quote
Since implementing Commvault, the relationship we have with our data has changed dramatically. We understand our data better than ever, we have better visibility and access to our data, and the data protection process itself has become easier and more reliable.

- Operation and Server Manager at a leading healthcare provider

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