Next-Gen Firewall protection for healthcare applications and data

Prevent cyberthreats from compromising protected health information (PHI) handled by a governance, risk and compliance application hosted on AWS.

For any healthcare organization migrating an on-premises application platform to the cloud, safeguarding data and applications from malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats is critical to protecting PHI and maintaining compliance for the wellbeing of patients, customers, and the organization alike.

Next-Gen Firewalls can help healthcare organizations protect their applications and data in the cloud by allowing only specific applications to access data and preventing threats within those application flows. Next-Gen Firewalls also complement cloud gateway security, endpoint security, and user security strategies to support a stronger overall security posture in the cloud.

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Palo Alto Networks

Deploy Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall to function as the security gateway in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). VM-Series creates an enterprise-wide barrier against cyberattacks and malicious exploits across endpoints, around the network perimeter, and deep in the network core. Securing your applications and data with VM-Series can reduce security risks and provide holistic protection in an environment where resources are constantly changing.

Palo Alto Networks
Verge Health

Verge Health deploys Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall to protect its SaaS platform

Verge Health provides healthcare organizations with a systematic approach to managing governance, risk, and compliance through a SaaS-based offering. Because the company handles protected health information (PHI), it requires the highest level of network security to prevent cyberattacks from compromising its SaaS platform.

By deploying the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Next-Generation Firewall, Verge Health is able to intelligently prevent global threat actors and cybercriminals from breaching its network and accessing corporate endpoints using stolen credentials. The company also leverages a unique, high availability capability that integrates Palo Alto Networks VM-Series with AWS availability zones to ensure rapid failover in the event of a site outage. This assures Verge Health and its customers that sensitive data and vital risk management services are compliant and available 24/7.

Taking this comprehensive defense approach to network security, Verge Health has not only solidified confidence internally but also positioned itself to provide evidence-based assurance to its customers that their private health information is safe and compliant.

James Lawson's quote
Our clients are very savvy about the steps required to secure their data. Consequently, they're more demanding of us to have the proper controls in place before they're willing to put their medical records and private patient information in our hands. With the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall, we can give them the assurance they need.
-James Lawson, Chief Solutions Officer, Verge Health
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