Enable communication and information sharing across healthcare systems to improve patient outcomes.


Advance the quality of patient care

As patients navigate the healthcare system, their records should be easily transferable between all organizations to ensure continuity of care. Value-based payment programs and increasing consumerism have driven the need for prompt, secure, and complete access to clinical information in healthcare systems.  AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that enable the sharing of healthcare data.  These solutions can help to improve healthcare efficiencies and advance the quality of patient care.  

Learn how AWS Marketplace can help you achieve and manage healthcare interoperability.

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Interoperability solutions in AWS Marketplace

The following third-party solutions in AWS Marketplace are purpose-built to help healthcare organizations enhance patient care, lower costs, and improve outcomes throughout the continuum of care. 

Rhapsody Integration Engine is a globally proven integration engine built for healthcare that enables your team to build health data exchange in a scalable and secure environment.

Change Healthcare
Change Healthcare’s Claims Status API provides a simple and accessible method to determine where a claim is in the adjudication and payment process.
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See how it works ➜
Innovaccer's Data Activation Platform unifies patient records and leverages AI and analytics to automate routine workflows and facilitate whole-person care.
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Intersystems IRIS is a cloud-first data management platform to build and deploy high-performance, ML-enabled apps that connect data and application silos.
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Interoperability Institute

Interoperability Institute offers a simulated healthcare ecosystem sandbox that contains synthetic patient data in FHIR format for testing and federal rules compliance.

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QIE is a powerful data integration engine, that simplifies the process of building HL7, FHIR, DICOM, CDA, and other API interfaces between HIT systems.

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Additional healthcare use cases

AWS Marketplace offers a curated catalog of third-party solutions that can help you modernize care, improve patient outcomes, comply with regulations, and unlock the potential of healthcare data.  Find other healthcare solutions by use case below.
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Manage healthcare compliance through AWS Marketplace

Protect data, devices, and systems addressing healthcare regulations while gaining  comprehensive visibility for quick analysis.


Selection, speed, and agility

Quickly procure and deploy products from healthcare sellers that address your need to unlock the value of data and innovate the patient care experience.

Flexible pricing and terms

Access pricing options that give you the flexibility to test software, pay as you go, negotiate custom terms, and save money with long-term commitments.

Control and governance

Centralize governance, innovate quickly, and launch healthcare software or third-party data products that align with your policies and compliance requirements.


Learn about the latest healthcare solutions for enhancing patient care, lowering costs, and improving outcomes with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how to manage regulatory compliance while enabling frictionless data interoperability and security.
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Learn how Accenture and AWS Marketplace can help you build a more powerful ecosystem to transform and innovate care.
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AWS Marketplace takes the stage at this year’s AWS re:Invent to share how solutions in AWS Marketplace can simplify healthcare compliance.