Use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to optimize manufacturing operations in pharma & biotech

Discover new ways to optimize your manufacturing processes, gain efficiencies, improve quality, and enhance regulatory compliance with advanced analytics and AI/ML algorithms.

Producing drugs at commercial scale is complicated. Many different processes, equipment, systems, raw materials, and human activities need to be carefully orchestrated to create drug products of high quality, all while fulfilling tight regulatory controls for ‘good manufacturing practices’ (GMP) and validation by the FDA.

By collecting and storing real-time data from sensors, equipment and operational systems such as alarms, execution, or laboratory system, manufacturers gain trustworthy visibility into operations. It also provides the basis for creating predictive models to identify improvements and root causes, before adverse events occur. Furthermore, using the latest technology allows manufacturers to enhance data integrity and reduce the effort needed to be in regulatory compliance.

Use AI and Machine Learning to optimize manufacturing


Bigfinite Inc.

Bigfinite Inc. is an advanced analytics and manufacturing intelligence platform that provides pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers a way to gain the understanding and insights needed to improve efficiencies and ensure product quality. Our platform collects and stores real-time data from production equipment, processes, and operational systems into a GMP-compliant big data environment using Industrial Internet of Things technologies (IIoT). The data is used to build, and train AI/ML models to identify improvements that are then deployed with targeted solutions, making your process more robust and your operations more profitable.

SaaS Platform for data acquisition, regulated storage, and targeted solutions for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Leading healthcare provider

Improve production line performance

After decades of automatic data collection and continuous improvement efforts, a leading healthcare provider realized that the performance of many production lines was good, but stagnating. Their new CEO challenged the organization to drive productivity improvements across their existing supply networks.

This company used Bigfinite’s manufacturing analytics platform to deploy several targeted solutions within their manufacturing operations, including a ‘real time failure analysis’ solution for their fill/finish production lines. This solution leverages anomaly detection algorithms and provide production and maintenance personnel with proactive issue resolution and prevention.

Benefits this company achieved after applying the Bigfinite platform included a 20% energy (kW) reduced with smart ventilation in their packaging areas unit, a reduced number of false rejects (unplanned stops) on their inspection line by image recognition, and an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) increase of 1-2% compared to their current 85-90% area, as well as potential savings of up to $1 to 2 million by reducing unplanned maintenance.

Chief Technology Architect's quote
These tools are so accurate that you can know whether [the issue is with] a ball in the bearing, or the edge of the bearing or if it’s the oil that has been polluted in the bearing.
- Chief Technology Architect at a leading healthcare provider
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