Linux server configuration and provisioning

For organizations moving to the cloud, obtaining secure configuration can be a time consuming and resource intensive process. With Linux server configuration and provisioning, organizations can reduce the time, cost, and risks associated with protecting their infrastructure.

These are just a few examples of Linux server configuration and provisioning solutions. Scroll down or use the drop-down menu to learn more about each solution.

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  • Center for Internet Security (CIS)
  • Coalesce Solutions

Center for Internet Security (CIS)

The CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Benchmark helps teams reduce complexity and regain control of their IT assets. CIS Hardened Images automate Linux server provisioning, patching, and configuration for faster, consistent, and repeatable server deployment. Protect your Linux operating systems while ensuring a level of compliance with internal security policies and external regulations.

CIS Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Benchmark features include:

  • System vulnerabilities reduced through hardening
  • Upfront investments in hardware eliminated
  • Flexible, cost effective and secure computing solutions
  • Ready to deploy in minutes

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CloudCheckr provides comprehensive cloud management for large, complicated cloud deployments at scale, providing an additional SaaS environment for customers with stringent security requirements. The company needed help optimizing millions of compute hours per year for their clients. By adopting CIS Hardened Images, CloudCheckr was able to align with new compliance regulations, identify and remediate gaps in endpoint security, and develop a custom configuration policy.

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CIS did most of the initial, tedious, and time-consuming work of distilling dozens of compliance frameworks into actionable goals.

Travis Rehl, Director of Product, CloudCheckr

Coalesce Solutions

Coalesce Solutions packages and resells Adobe ColdFusion on a hardened Linux AMI that is optimized to run on AWS. This AMI is configured and ready to deploy using AWS CloudFormation, requiring no manual configuration of the server. Coalesce frequently updates their AMIs to help ensure you are secure from software and system issues. DevOps teams can integrate the pre-built CloudFormation templates into their deployment pipelines to strengthen their application security without having to integrate patching into their pipeline.

Adobe ColdFusion on Hardened Linux’s features include:

  • Built-in application multitenancy, vulnerability protection, and performance monitoring via Adobe ColdFusion 2018
  • Preconfigured agents and packages such as Amazon CloudWatch Agent, AWS System Manager (SSM Agent), Amazon Inspector, AWS CodeDeploy, aws-cfn-bootstrap, and EC2Config
  • Launch-ready AWS CloudFormation with Amazon Auto Scaling Group, Application Load Balancer, and Amazon ElastiCache for Redis
  • Configured against Amazon Linux 2 CIS Benchmark Level 1, Apache HTTP Server 2.4 CIS Benchmark Level 1, and Adobe ColdFusion 2018 Lockdown Guide standards

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Market America |

Market America | SHOP.COM wanted to accelerate application development to meet customer demands while reducing application programming interface (API) management cost and complexity. The company selected Adobe ColdFusion for its ease of use and minimal effort required when developing, testing, debugging, and deploying applications across devices. Since implementation, Market America | SHOP.COM has increased development productivity by 25 percent and the number of applications developed annually to over 1000.

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Upgrading to the latest version of Adobe ColdFusion on AWS allows Market America|SHOP.COM to optimize revenue-generating applications for speed, high availability, and responsive design for any device.

Brian Sappey, Senior Director of Architecture and Engineering, Market America | SHOP.COM

AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

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We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.

Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.