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Media companies need data storage systems that are flexible, accessible, and scalable. With AWS Marketplace solutions, you can extend your on-premises primary storage to AWS without learning or implementing new solutions.

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NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP delivers enterprise-grade data and storage management tools for applications running on Amazon EC2. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployed within their Amazon Web Services (AWS) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), media and entertainment companies can move data between their on-premises and AWS environments rapidly and cost-effectively. This allows them to use the compute power and agility of AWS to improve content management and production at lower costs.

The NetApp solution provides Media and Entertainment companies with an always-on customer experience that is now expected. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP also reduces storage footprint and costs by 50-70% to help you stay competitive. You can experience the benefits of data protection and storage efficiency through the following product features:
  • Drag-and-drop data replication between on-premises and AWS environments
  • Fast and efficient processing of millions of files as well as huge file sizes
  • Instant data cloning for accelerated testing and development cycles
  • Cloud bursting from on-premises to AWS, for computing spikes such as rendering

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EidosMedia is a content management provider for major media corporations across the news and financial industries. Real-time news coverage required EidosMedia to be innovative, and scalable. Moving to the cloud enabled them to meet high customer expectations. With Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS, EidosMedia migrated smoothly to the cloud and now creates environments for development, testing, and production in minutes. This provides nonstop data availability across 500 websites and to more than 30,000 users worldwide.

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ONTAP Cloud accelerates the time to create new volumes. Data is constantly available, ready to provide maximum performance, which is vital for our applications.

           Lorenzo D., Lead Infrastructure Engineer, EidosMedia


The SoftNAS solution provides businesses with data transfers up to 20 times faster than traditional network connections, and up to 67% savings on storage. This gives media and entertainment companies a competitive edge through positive customer experiences. These customer advantages are possible due to the following product features included with SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise:

  • Petabyte-scale cloud NAS filer with encryption that can be controlled by the customer
  • No training required for fast, easy setup and management that uses an intuitive web-based administrator interface
  • Easy integration that supports many types of protocols
  • Built-in high availability license and support for Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

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iN DEMAND, a premium media company, needed to quickly expand its enterprise storage capabilities. They wanted a flexible and scalable solution that they could use to migrate hundreds of terabytes of video content to a cloud-based environment.

SoftNAS Cloud Enterprise proved quick to configure, and provisioning storage went from months to minutes. The NAS solution also allowed up to 80 TB of data for the scalability they required.

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Selecting SoftNAS Cloud has enabled us to quickly provision and manage storage, which has contributed to a hassle-free experience.

Keith Son, Infrastructure Director, iN DEMAND

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Have questions? Have tips?

We're here to help you get started with AWS Marketplace. Ask for or give advice on the AWS Marketplace discussion forum.