Machine learning and cognitive applications are the next phase of digital transformation. The ability to build and leverage applications that learn on their own is a powerful idea that is only beginning to manifest itself. For AWS customers, machine learning is a new frontier in which you can increase efficiency and productivity of your businesses. Capturing the potential of machine learning applications requires innovation in technologies and business models, as well as investment in new capabilities and talent. You can now look to AWS Marketplace to help find, buy and deploy Machine Learning and AI software solutions from popular software vendors.

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Solutions from software vendors in AWS Marketplace dramatically reduce your effort to deploy, scale, and maintain infrastructure, freeing up your time for focusing on data and model building.


Accessible and Fast

With AWS Marketplace, you can subscribe to and purchase solutions with one-click and use SaaS applications via your browser or via RESTful APIs.


Pay as you go

AWS Marketplace has flexible payment options, like pay-as-you-go to monthly, or annual or multi-year terms.

Apposphere uses AWS and Bitfusion Deep Learning to quickly deploy intelligent mobile solutions.

Apposphere Uses AWS and Bitfusion Deep Learning to Quickly Deploy Intelligent Mobile Solutions

Learn how Loyalty Lab used Predicsis to create better loyalty programs for their customers. in AWS Marketplace lets us concentrate on results rather than technology.

Dick Koers Solution Architect, Loyalty Lab

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AI Data Solutions

Products and solutions that help you collect, transform, prepare and understand data for Machine Learning and predictive insights.


Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions on AWS enables anyone to quickly explore and prepare diverse data for use in analytics and machine learning.

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Governed and scalable platform to deploy and share information, it delivers a secure, automated and easy-to-use solution for teams to collaborate.

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Habla AI is AI-Infused Knowledge Management for Enterprise - our SaaS products graph user data in your tools of choice 24/7, saving workers 8 hours per week.

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Splice Machine

Splice Machine is a platform for predictive applications that manage operational processes, large-scale IoT infrastructures, and use analytical processing and machine learning to improve over time.

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Machine Learning and Data Science Tools

Solutions to help you create, train, tune, host and optimize models.


A continuously-evolving environment of advanced applications, core services, developer tools, and cognitive computing, aiWARE offers potent content ingestion, indexing, search, correlation, analytics, sharing, and collaboration capabilities.

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Empowers analysts to understand customer behaviors and to predict their intentions in minutes, not months, without data science skills.

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The Platform combines the tools, libraries, and languages your data science team loves with infrastructure, security, and workflows your IT org needs. 

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Compellon offers a predictive analytics platform powered by a breakthrough approach to AI that rapidly produces models and prescriptive insights from big data.

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Domino’s data science platform helps companies to accelerate quantitative research, increase collaboration, and deliver more effective predictive models that drive business impact.

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Bitfusion includes everything you need to manage your AI infrastructure as well as develop, train and deploy deep learning applications efficiently.

Learn more » is focused on bringing AI to businesses through software. We are the leading open source platform that makes it easy to deploy ML and predictive analytics to solve complex problems.

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BigDL on Apache Spark

BigDL is a free, open source, distributed Deep Learning library created specifically to make it fast & easy to run Deep Learning jobs in Apache Spark.

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The NVIDIA Volta Deep Learning AMI is an optimized environment for running NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) deep learning framework containers on Amazon EC2 P3 instances.

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Dimensional Mechanics

DimensionalMechanics Inc. puts the power of ML at every developer’s fingertips. The NeoPulse Framework is a complete solution to train, query and manage AI models.

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SherlockML is a cloud-based environment for collaborative Data Science, a perfect marriage between the best open source packages and scalable compute. 

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Intelligent Solutions

Products and solutions that leverage deep learning to provide you with intelligent building blocks for application development.




An Optimization-as-a-Service platform that tunes AI and ML model configuration parameters via an ensemble of optimization algorithms behind a simple API.

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Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that empowers businesses & developers to solve real-world problems using visual recognition.

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SDL offers Machine Translation solutions powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technologies to support high speed, large scale translation.

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Plasticity offers a set of natural language processing APIs to enable enterprises and developers to understand text in their apps and conversational interfaces.

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Build apps that improve themselves. is AI-powered app configuration that boosts revenue and user retention. It's like A/B testing on AI steroids.

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Text analysis APIs for developers needing NLP out-of-the-box. Automatically classify text, check the similarity between documents, analyze sentiment, and more.

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Automate image tagging process and perform visual search with Visual Intelligence. Gather information of faces, brands and context out of your images or videos.

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