Get the mobile software you want in minutes… and pay only for what you consume.

Imagine enabling your organization with mobile apps for all tasks — Use AWS Mobile Services to easily and quickly develop highly scalable mobile applications and AWS Device Farm to test against actual phones and tablets rather than simulated devices used by most testing products. Integrate and extend AWS Services in all mobile lifecycle stages (build & test, secure & integrate, launch & manage) with mobile software from ISVs and open source solutions in AWS Marketplace.

  • Evaluate and deploy mobile software in minutes instead of months.
  • Find solutions to connect your mobile apps to your enterprise back-end.
  • Adjust to constantly changing needs with multiple software options to meet different requirements.
  • Manage software costs on your AWS bill.

Build & test

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Secure & integrate

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Launch & manage

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Use AWS Mobile Hub to create mobile applications and test them on AWS Device Farm. Create, extend, and test your code using AWS Marketplace platforms and tools. You can find robust enterprise mobile development environments or targeted point products for creating native, hybrid, and multi-endpoint mobile apps.

HPE StormRunner Load
HPE AppPulse Mobile
Kony MobileFabric Object Services

Leverage Amazon Cognito and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication and authorization. For integration, AWS offers the Amazon API Gateway and Amazon Lambda as managed services to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs and run code at scale.

Secure and connect your mobile apps and mobile infrastructure with AWS Marketplace offerings. AWS Marketplace software ensures identity, access control, and app content security are all handled from front-end to back-end. Integrate using Mobile Back-end as a service (MBaaS) solutions and enterprise API management tools available in AWS Marketplace.


Kony MobileFabric

How to integrate & configure a backend integration to a REST service and then orchestrate the data response to optimize it for the mobile device


Integrate with AWS CodePipeline for continuous delivery and Amazon Mobile Analytics, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Kinesis for highly scalable and flexible services to manage objects, large sets — and streams — of data common for high-volume mobile initiatives.

AWS Marketplace offers solutions for Developers and DevOps, as well as other tools and software for larger-scale, mobile initiatives. Use software deployed in AWS to easily manage your mobile infrastructure, apps, and devices.


HPE AppPulse Trace

Diving into transaction analytics to save the user experience  


Developed a number of products and services recently for end users, including:

  • Velocity, an iPad-based SaaS service that is a mobile training and certification platform for pharmaceutical sales teams. It’s now deployed across 40+ pharmaceutical companies.
  • Mobiquity Behavior-Change Platform, a SaaS solution that delivers through mobile devices and various contact points personalized, context-aware interventions.

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Slalom focuses on helping clients design, build, migrate, and manage their AWS deployments to reduce complexity and maximize value. Key competencies extend across mobile, next-generation infrastructure, advanced analytics, custom application development, and beyond.

  • Charter Communications wanted to make its content available on mobile, Slalom helped create an app that changed the way its customers watch TV.

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