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AWS PrivateLink

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AWS PrivateLink enables you to securely pass data directly to a SaaS application without ever leaving the AWS Network.

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  • Security

    Cloud-powered security solutions

    Trend Micro

    Deep Security as a Service seamlessly defends your AWS workloads against threats, malware and vulnerabilities

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    The Dome9 SaaS platform delivers verifiable cloud infrastructure security and compliance to enterprises.

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    Alert Logic

    Fully managed cloud-based security and compliance solution for AWS environments.

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    Symantec Cloud Workload Protection automates security for public cloud workloads.

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  • Networking

    Solutions that extend your infrastructure whenever you need.


    Automatically distribute and manage your function code across up to 1000 serverless execution endpoints.

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    Comprehensive network insight to speed cloud deployments, augment capacity supporting virtualized networks and plan for the future-state network

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    A10 Networks

    Cloud-native load balancing, traffic management and application security with A10 Lightning ADC.

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    Instead of the network layer tunnels used in legacy remote access methods, the Zscaler Private Access solution provides authorized users access to specific applications via encrypted, per-session Micro-tunnels that are only created upon demand.

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  • Storage

    Solutions that help you move, manage and protect data


    Provides an affordable enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery solution for any source workload - physical, virtual or cloud-based.

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    Provides a simple, automated method to get your data into AWS, run an AWS service and get the results back on your premises.  

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    Simplify your backup policies, disaster recovery and server control for Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS resources. 

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    Medium to large enterprises looking for backup and archiving server workloads at remote offices and small datacenters through a central management console.

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  • Monitoring

    Solutions to gain visibility and auditability of activities in your application infrastructure, with policy-driven alerting, and reporting


    Operational Intelligence for a real-time understanding of what's happening across your business and IT so you can make informed decisions.

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    In under 5 minutes, you can start monitoring your full stack with no manual configuration.

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    Cloud-native SaaS service centralizes and unifies log data and time-series metrics, leverages machine learning analysis to deliver real-time insights.

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    Monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale application infrastructure.

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  • Database and Analytics

    Solutions that enable faster data-driven results by decreasing time to plan, forecast, and make decisions


    Elastic Cloud include X-Pack features, such as monitoring and security, brought to you by the creators of Elasticsearch.

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    Unified solution that separates compute and storage, enabling you to scale compute and storage resources independently and deliver concurrency without contention.

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    Splice Machine

    Scale-out SQL RDBMS specifically designed to power predictive applications.

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    Redis Lab

    A fully-managed cloud service for hosting and running your Redis dataset in a highly-available and scalable manner, with predictable and stable top performance.

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  • Migration

    Applications that help you prepare, monitor, and manage migrations to the AWS Cloud


    Migrate your application, whether its physical, virtualized, cloud-based or mixed, to the cloud, easily and with near-zero downtime

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    Powerful, easy-to-use, unified APM and business performance monitoring solution designed for complex, distributed architectures.

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    Designed specifically for enterprise AWS customer migrations, RiverMeadow SaaS provides high performance workload migrations into AWS.

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    CA Technologies

    Incorporating a flexible unified data model, CA APM allows teams to analyze, correlate and contextualize more performance metrics - from app to infrastructure - from a single system

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Products that increase your productivity developing applications

  • Development Toolkits

    Toolkits that simplify development of applications


    Platform for designing, developing and deploying native mobile and web apps using open and standard-based tools and familiar JavaScript.

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    HPE StormRunner Load

    Performance testing solution that helps Agile development teams to ensure app scalability up to millions of distributed web and mobile users

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    Gluon CloudLink

    Expose all existing enterprise functionality to mobile apps,  drastically improving development times to support mobile devices.

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    Scalable, universal binary repository manager that automatically manages your binaries and artifacts through the application development and delivery process that integrates with your DevOps tools and platforms

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  • APIs

    Enhance your applications in a simple way.


    Our goal is to give our customers access to technology that powers better healthcare experiences - for everyone.

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    Constantly growing and evolving knowledge base of digital threats. It gathers data from tens of millions of client systems and automated threat analysis services.

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    Cloud Elements

    API integration platform that enables developers to publish, integrate, aggregate and manage all of their APIs through a unified platform.

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    TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® is a full life-cycle API platform that allows businesses to manage their APIs for internal, B2B and public API programs

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  • GIS

    Geo-based solutions and APIs


    High performance REST API available worldwide with a string analyzer understanding the difference between address formats across countries.

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    pitney bowes

    The GeoCode API returns latitude & longitude coordinates with the input of an address and vice versa. 

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    AI-ADS analyzes satellite images automatically to monitor assets, gain competitive intelligence, conduct surveillance in areas of interest.

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    Anchor Software

    Efficiently improve delivery addresses, reduce mailing costs, and create comprehensive communication and solicitation documents.

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  • Testing

    Solutions to help you test your applications


    Codeless automation lighten your regression testing automation, so your test team focus on improving coverage.

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    Using Nouvola, organizations can easily and proactively gain visibility of performance issues and bottlenecks, and optimize their software to deliver superior user experiences while accelerating release cycles.

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    RedLine13 is bringing the low cost power of AWS Spot Instances to Load Testing. We manage EC2 on-demand or spot instances on your AWS account to run large scale load tests at very low costs.

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    Bitbar Cloud

    Monitoring and analytics platform for cloud-scale application infrastructure.

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mnubo extracts business value from IoT data by delivering out-of-the-box insights and advanced IoT data science. It offers a SaaS solution to connected product manufacturers to ingest, enrich and analyze their sensor data. mnubo's SaaS offering benefits customers in consumer, enterprise and industrial verticals - and analyzes billions of IoT data points every month.

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