AWS Networking and Content Delivery

Run every workload on a secure and reliable global network
Get the broadest and deepest set of networking and content delivery services in the world with AWS. Run applications with the highest level of reliability, security, and performance in the cloud.
Most secure
Meet the most stringent security requirements in the world with AWS networking capabilities. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data through 24/7 infrastructure monitoring.
Highest network availability
Maintain the highest availability levels for your mission-critical workloads using the AWS Region/Availability Zone (AZ) model. Industry analysts recognize the AZ model as the recommended approach for running enterprise applications requiring high availability.
Consistent high performance
Run your workloads using the highest throughput and lowest latency cloud network. Use the AWS network to provide your customers with faster, more responsive applications.
Broadest global coverage
Deliver applications and content anywhere in the world over a purpose-built network. AWS offers the largest global infrastructure footprint of any provider.
AWS re:Invent 2023 - The power of cloud network innovation (1:02)
Maximize efficiency and lower costs by migrating to AWS

Analyst firm, Enterprise Strategy Group, validated that organizations reduced networking, compute, and storage costs by up to 66% by migrating to AWS

AWS networking and content delivery services

Network foundations

Application networking

Edge networking

Hybrid connectivity

Network security

Solution areas

Networking foundations

Build strong network foundations
Keep tabs on your complex network traffic with AWS network foundations. Simplify resource launch, network management, connectivity, and traffic monitoring with services including Amazon VPC, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS PrivateLink, Amazon VPC Flow Logs, and VPC Traffic Mirroring.

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Digital Marketing - Segment Content Delivery

Connect hybrid infrastructure
Link your services running in AWS and your premises with secure and efficient network communication. AWS hybrid connectivity solutions provide an array of connection types and services for building hybrid networks that work seamlessly from cloud to on-premises to the network edge.

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Edge networking

Deliver faster, more secure applications with edge networking
Deliver user applications and data with increased security and low-latency using edge networking. Move traffic off the internet and on to the world’s most secure, best performing cloud network. Amazon CloudFront, AWS Global Accelerator, and Amazon Route 53 securely deliver your data with low latency and high throughput.

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Hybrid connectivity

Streamline application networking
Simplify and improve your application’s network architecture with AWS application networking. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), AWS Global Accelerator (AGA), and AWS App Mesh work together to provide improved security, availability, performance, and streamlined monitoring capabilities.

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Network Orchestration for AWS Transit Gateway

Automate the process of setting up and managing transit networks in distributed AWS environments. Visualize and monitor your global network from a single dashboard in the AWS Console so that you can control, audit, and approve (transit) network changes.

Firewall Automation for Network Traffic on AWS

Deploy a solution that automates the process of provisioning a centralized AWS Network Firewall to inspect traffic between your Amazon VPCs.