AWS Game Tech Landing Zone

A single destination designed to help game developers to get started and onboard to the cloud with AWS.

AWS Game Tech Landing Zone benefits

Landing Zone represents the single point of entry for game developers looking to solve common challenges including deploying game servers in the cloud, creating analytics pipelines, offloading build processes, deploying virtual development workstations, and cloud migrations. Whether you’re building the next hit game, or creating new gamified experiences for consumers, Landing Zone will provide you the right support and investment mix to fill knowledge gaps and get moving on AWS with as little friction as possible.


  • Q: What is AWS Game Tech Landing Zone?

    Landing Zone is a central location for developers to get the information and resources they need to accelerate their game development on AWS. Landing Zone consolidates various Game Tech support and credit programs under a single intake mechanism to support customers with solving common challenges such as, deploying game servers in the cloud, creating analytics pipelines and solutions, offloading build processes, deploying virtual development workstations, and cloud migrations. With Game Tech Landing Zone, developers have access to credit programs and specialized cloud knowledge from AWS experts to guide them through every stage of their cloud journey from early development through launch and beyond. 

  • Q: How do I qualify for consulting or technical support?

    Based on the initial qualification conversation you have with the AWS account representative, if you meet the qualifying criteria of one of the three supported workloads (Game Servers,  analytics, Migrations) and completed the initial intake form then you will be eligible for free hourly based partner-led consultation to set up an onboarding plan for additional technical consultations. More details on this type of support will be available once you speak with your AWS account representative. 

  • Q: How do I apply for Landing Zone Program Benefits?

    The whole setup process takes 10 minutes. First, navigate to to get started. There you’ll be able to complete a set of intake questions to tell us more about your game development cycle and the kind of support you’re looking to get from AWS (your data is kept confidential and private and will not be sold). Within 72 business hours, you’ll hear back from an AWS account representative on your application and they will set up next steps to slot you into an onboarding path. Please expect up to seven to ten business days for your application to be processed. Unfortunately, we are unable to expedite application processing. Our team is working as fast as we can to process applications. There’s no cost to apply.

  • Q: What can I use AWS Credits for?

    You can use your AWS credits for Game Tech services such as, GameLift or AWS services from infrastructure technologies like compute, storage, and databases–to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and Internet of Things.

  • Q: Who can apply for AWS Game Tech Landing Zone?

    This program is initially available to all Game Tech customers located in the NAMER and EMEA region with or without an AWS account. You can create a new AWS account ID if you don’t have an existing one created. In the near future we intend to expand this program to all other regions including LATAM, Japan, and Korea. 

  • Q: How do I qualify to receive Starter Pack as well as support and benefits from Landing Zone?

    After initial discussion with AWS account team, customers based on qualification will receive a Starter Pack of credits, consulting hours and dedicated account team member, details include:

    • AWS Credits - can qualify for up to $10k based on AWS account team confirmation the customer completed intake form and qualify by their development need matches with the supported workloads. 
      • Game Servers, Back End (GameLift) interested customers can receive up to $10k
      • Analytics interested customers can receive up to $10K based on testing/trial usage need
      • Migration interested customers can receive up to $100k credits based on opportunity size
    • Up to 20 hours of consulting with an AWS Partner (based on qualification, see How do I qualify for consulting or technical support?  FAQ)
    • An AWS Account Representative to manage this relationship

  • Q: What are the customer benefits of receiving the Starter Pack and benefits of Landing Zone?

    Whether you need support using one of AWS Game Tech’s managed services or you’ve chosen to use AWS directly, you can get help through GT Landing Zone. Through GT Landing Zone, you’ll be connected to AWS experts to help review your architecture, get you ready for launch, integrate a specific AWS service with your game, or find the right solution for your use case, GT Landing Zone will connect you to the resources you need to succeed.  We are starting with a core set of use cases, but plan to add new services offerings as they are launched.

  • Q: How many times can I apply?

    You can only receive AWS Landing Zone onboarding benefits once (Starter pack). If you qualify for more credits, support and training, the AWS account representatives will set you up for  ongoing support and you will be eligible for additional benefits.

  • Q: How do I use my AWS Credits?

    After your conversation with the AWS account representatives and you qualify for the Starter Pack, no action is required from you to activate your AWS credits. AWS credits offset eligible AWS Services fees and charges incurred during or following the billing cycle in which you receive the credits. 

Two steps to get started with AWS Game Tech Landing Zone

Sign up for an AWS account

Sign up for an AWS account

Create a free AWS account and starting building game workloads in the cloud today. Already have an AWS account? Great -- you'll need to find your account ID for the next step by logging into the AWS console.

Fill out your application

Fill out a Landing Zone application

Apply for AWS Game Tech Landing Zone in minutes. We'll ask you more about your studio, AWS experience, and games so we can put together your personalized onboarding and support plan.