Automated reasoning features and tools help you achieve provable security for your applications, which means higher assurance in the security of the cloud and in the cloud.

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Use automated reasoning to detect security vulnerabilities in your code

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

Perform static code analysis and find bugs in development. Learn more.

Permissions and Authorization

Define, monitor, and manage permissions at scale with automated reasoning

Amazon Verified Permissions

Centrally manage permissions and fine-grained authorization for the applications you build. Learn more.


Define permissions as easy-to-understand policies with Cedar, an open-source language for access control built by using automated reasoning and differential testing. Learn more.

IAM Access Analyzer

Continuously set fine-grained permissions, verify intended permissions, and refine permissions by removing unused access. Learn more.

Amazon S3 Block Public Access

Block possible misconfigurations that could lead to public access of your Amazon S3 buckets and objects. Learn more


Understand, verify, and improve your network security posture

Amazon VPC Network Access Analyzer

Understand potential network paths to your resources on AWS, and identify any potential unintended network access. Learn more.

Amazon VPC Reachability Analyzer

Debug, understand, and visualize connectivity in your AWS network. Learn more.

Amazon Inspector Network Reachability

Identify and analyze your network configurations to find security vulnerabilities of your Amazon EC2 instances. Learn more.

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