Cloudreach and Its Customers Benefit from AWS Enterprise Support Proactive Engagements, and Much More


The Cloudreach mission is clear: “Deliver the promise of the cloud, and help customers navigate their journeys and build new foundations for future growth.” Since its founding in 2009, the cloud-native company has been delivering on its mission by helping over 1,000 customers migrate to the cloud and providing managed support services post-migration.

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Whether it’s feature requirements, subject matter expertise, or simply support case oversight, with AWS Enterprise Support, we are able to directly represent our customers within AWS.”

Shanoor Hussain
Global Head of Managed Services, Cloudreach

Customers Benefit from Cloudreach-AWS Partnership

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner, Cloudreach has a reputation for providing cloud customers of all sizes with thorough support, which is enhanced by AWS Enterprise Support. “AWS Enterprise Support provides the bridge between the customers and the AWS engineering teams,” says Shanoor Hussain, global head of managed services at Cloudreach. “Whether it’s feature requirements, subject matter expertise, or simply support case oversight, with AWS Enterprise Support, we are able to directly represent our customers within AWS.”

Customized Support for Mission-Critical Workloads

Cloudreach customers have dedicated service delivery managers who provide support that is customized to each customer’s needs. For mission-critical workloads where Cloudreach service delivery managers need custom solutions or guidance, they can work with their dedicated AWS Technical Account Manager (TAM), provided through AWS Enterprise Support. Cloudreach’s TAM provides advocacy and guidance on building solutions using best practices and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. For example, for some Cloudreach customers in highly regulated industries, there are specific security and compliance requirements that mission-critical workloads must meet. The close partnership between Cloudreach and AWS Enterprise Support means Cloudreach’s TAM can provide contextual guidance on building solutions that meet the requirements for those workloads.

Cloudreach service delivery managers also meet regularly and are in ongoing communication with their AWS TAM. The close relationship and these check-ins allow the TAM to present insights and recommendations on topics such as event management to help the customer improve its operational efficiency. Similarly, Cloudreach can provide visibility into customer environments with AWS, where appropriate, to ensure customers receive timely and effective AWS visibility escalation and critical workload support. This means that any pending customer issues are immediately brought to light and resolved.

This close support enables Cloudreach to get additional insight into customer issues. “Being able to leverage this as a benefit is incredibly helpful to Cloudreach. It’s especially impactful for customers who wouldn’t typically have access to Enterprise Support by any other means,” says Brandon Wong, resale and FinOps manager at Cloudreach.

Increased Response Times for Critical Issues

In addition to working with a TAM, through AWS Enterprise Support, Cloudreach service delivery managers also have the advantage of working closely with AWS subject matter experts, such as cloud support engineers, whom they can access 24/7 by phone, email, and chat. Cloudreach service delivery managers also have access to AWS solutions architects and product teams. This ease of availability helps streamline the troubleshooting and resolution process. Because the response time for business-critical issues for AWS Enterprise Support customers is less than 15 minutes, AWS is able to respond rapidly should a mission-critical issue arise for Cloudreach.

“Through AWS Enterprise Support, we receive ongoing support from our TAM at AWS. When we need help resolving an issue for one of our customers, our TAM helps provide additional support in resolving time-critical issues immediately,” says Hussain. Cloudreach’s TAM is also able to quickly connect Cloudreach with AWS subject matter experts as necessary. “As a managed service provider, this escalation support is key to delivering on the value and service we’re known for in the industry.”

Cloudreach Benefits from Proactive Support

In addition to providing a rapid response to critical issues, AWS Enterprise Support enables Cloudreach service delivery managers to provide proactive support that is customized to customers’ specific needs, made possible through tools such as AWS Trusted Advisor and AWS Personal Health Dashboard. With Trusted Advisor, Cloudreach service delivery managers have access to 115 different checks on their customers’ AWS environment. They use the information to provide recommendations on things like performance, security, cost optimization, fault tolerance, and service limits.

Personal Health Dashboard provides Cloudreach with a customized view of the performance and availability of the AWS services that underpin its customers’ resources in the AWS Cloud. This visibility enables service delivery managers to monitor events in progress and proactively respond to alerts and notifications regarding the health of their customers’ AWS resources.

AWS Enterprise Support customers also benefit from architectural reviews. These are evaluations of customers’ architecture using the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which help design and implement architectures that can scale over time. Cloudreach delivers these reviews to its customers and leverages AWS solution architects and its TAM when additional support is required.

Other support services available with AWS Enterprise Support include AWS Infrastructure Event Management and proactive services such as workload reviews, best practices workshops, and deep dives.

Access to Beta Programs and Feedback Opportunities

Another benefit that Cloudreach and its customers receive through AWS Enterprise Support is the inclusion in beta programs for certain products and the ability to provide feedback on services and features. Cloudreach’s access to beta programs enables it to leverage early solutions, explore the feasibility of deploying them to its customers and provide suggestions and feedback to AWS product support teams.

For example, Cloudreach provided recommendations on improvements to AWS Cost Explorer—a service that enables customers to visualize and manage AWS costs and usage over time—resulting in an update that made the service more partner-friendly. Other service and feature suggestions that have made it into production include the AWS Enterprise Billing Console and the AWS Account Vending Machine (AVM) product that is deployed as part of AWS Landing Zone.

Exclusive Training Opportunities

Through its AWS Partner Solutions Architect (PSA), Cloudreach receives customized training scenarios that address the company’s specific learning needs through AWS Partner Network (APN) Immersion Days, which it can use to train its customers. AWS Enterprise Support also enables Cloudreach to learn about new AWS programs before they become widely available, so that by the time an AWS program or solution is announced to the public, Cloudreach is ready to deploy it on a large scale to its customers. Customized training empowers this AWS partner to provide new solutions following best practices using the newest services, which is a real benefit to its customers.

About Cloudreach

Cloudreach is an independent cloud services company, a strategic partner in the AWS Partner Network, and the winner of the 2019 Consulting Partner of the Year award. Cloudreach helps enterprises win competitive advantage through successful cloud transformation. With more than 10 years of cloud native experience, Cloudreach offers depth and breadth of expertise in cloud technologies and their application to business. Cloudreach is a Premier Consulting Partner with nine competencies and over AWS 600 certifications. It has helped deliver hundreds of AWS migration and modernization projects for customers.

Benefits of AWS

  • Provides rapid response time to mission-critical issues
  • Enables deployment of AWS solutions at a large scale
  • Provides exclusive training opportunities on new offerings
  • Responds to feature requests and product-improvement feedback
  • Provides customized support solutions to customer issues

AWS Services Used

AWS Enterprise Support

AWS Enterprise Support provides you with concierge-like service where the main focus is helping you achieve your outcomes and find success in the cloud. With Enterprise Support, you get 24x7 technical support from high-quality engineers, tools and technology to automatically manage health of your environment, consultative architectural guidance delivered in the context of your applications and use-cases, and a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) to coordinate access to proactive and preventative programs and AWS subject matter experts.

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AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisors provides recommendations that help you follow AWS best practices. Trusted Advisor evaluates your account by using checks. These checks identify ways to optimize your AWS infrastructure, improve security and performance, reduce costs, and monitor service quotas.

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AWS Personal Health Dashboard

AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides alerts and guidance for AWS events that might affect your environment. While the Service Health Dashboard shows the general status of AWS services, the Personal Health Dashboard provides proactive and transparent notifications about your specific AWS environment.

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