With AWS, we get 11 nines of durability and 99.95% or better availability, we can service customers around the world, and we can distribute new file content in a matter of seconds. AWS provides Fortune 500 infrastructure, reliability, and scalability at a reasonable cost to a company with just 12 people.
Ryan Pendergast Software Develper

DoApp is a mobile and web applications development company. The Minneapolis, Minnesota–based firm’s mobile apps were part of the initial wave of apps released in the Apple App store, including the first flashlight app. Today DoApp provides more than 460 apps for the iOS, Google Play, Amazon Fire, and mobile web platforms. Its most popular product is a news app that can be customized for specific organizations, including news companies like Gannett, the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, Gatehouse Media, and customers like the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Needed to control costs and IT overhead while focusing resources on product development and marketing.
  • Had to provide extremely reliable content delivery to attract and retain customers in highly competitive market.
  • Wanted to target a global customer base.

  • Lower costs: Pay-as-you-go model keeps operations lean in extremely competitive environment.
  • Reliability: High reliability and availability of content for clients working on 24/7 news cycles.
  • Scalability: Serve customers around the world, spinning up new content and services in minutes.

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