Travel and Hospitality Application Connectors Catalog on AWS

Connect travel and hospitality core systems to gain access to valuable industry data


Travel and Hospitality Application Connectors Catalog on AWS helps travel and hospitality businesses access valuable industry data that is often locked inside core systems, such as hotel property management systems (PMS), airline passenger service systems (PSS), or loyalty systems. This AWS Solution uses AWS Partner technology to connect key systems. AWS Partner HapiCloud helps you connect to a PMS, and AWS Partner Tealium Event Stream provides connectivity to airline and hotel website and mobile application clickstreams. With access to this data, you can establish data feeds to migrate data to the AWS Cloud, set up data monitoring and analysis, and integrate with other travel and hospitality AWS Solutions for additional functionality. This AWS Solution is flexible, allowing you to set up additional connectors based on your end-customer’s needs.


Accelerate your data lake on AWS

AWS takes on the undifferentiated heavy lifting of ingesting your PMS and website traffic data to the cloud, accelerating the creation of your data lake.

Build a forward-compatible data repository to interact with other travel and hospitality AWS Solutions

Transform incoming PMS and website traffic data into a standard AWS-supported format that you can use for other travel and hospitality AWS Solutions, such as Unified Profiles for Travelers and Guests on AWS.

Real-time event-driven response to your PMS events

Improve your guest experience by subscribing to events in Amazon EventBridge that notify you of relevant guest updates in your PMS.

Extract value from your property and website data in minutes using an analytics dashboard

Transform all of your ingested data in a common format that is accessible as an Amazon Athena Data table. Create an analytics dashboard with Amazon QuickSight on top of your transformed data in minutes.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

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