Microsoft Workload Solutions

Migrate, extend, or develop Microsoft-based solutions to the cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps you build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely and more cost-effectively.

The Microsoft workload solutions showcased here are part of Solution Space, an AWS website that includes solutions that are based on architectures validated by AWS, include a combination of AWS services and APN Partner technologies, can be deployed quickly with solution accelerators like AWS Quick Starts, and feature optional consulting offerings to accelerate your cloud transformation. These solutions feature APN Partners that have attained the AWS Competency designation.

SQL Server solutions  |  .NET solutions

Why Run Microsoft Workloads on AWS

SQL Server solutions


Amazon Web Services offers you the flexibility to run Microsoft SQL Server for as much or as little time as you need. You can select from a number of versions and editions, as well as choose between running it on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) or Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

APN Partners offer solutions that enable you to deploy your Microsoft SQL Server workloads on AWS.

SQL Server High Availability Clusters on AWS

Configure and Manage High Availability SQL Server Clusters on AWS with SIOS DataKeeper.
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.NET solutions


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a great platform for running Windows workloads, and offers several options for deploying and managing both off-the-shelf and custom applications. When planning to deploy a .NET web application to AWS for the first time, new customers often search for an optimal method that will allow them to quickly get their application up and running.

APN Partners offer solutions that enable you to deploy your .NET aplications on AWS.

.NET Application Modernization with kloia

Migrate and manage .NET applications on AWS with end-to-end automation provided by kloia.
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