AWS Migration Acceleration Program for Windows

AWS services, best practices, and tools to help customers save costs and accelerate migrations of Windows workloads to AWS

Millions of customers run on AWS and we’ve spent over 11 years helping organizations migrate to the cloud, including large-scale migrations of servers, applications, data centers, and databases. AWS also offers the best cloud platform for Windows-based applications delivering performance, security, reliability, and cost savings. This is why customers trust AWS to be the most popular, secure, and reliable cloud for migrating your Windows workloads.

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Windows, an extension of the existing AWS MAP program, is designed to help organizations reach their migration goals even faster with AWS services, best practices, tools, and incentives. We provide a three step approach to help you reduce the uncertainty, complexity, and cost of migrating to the cloud. In addition, MAP can help you modernize current and legacy versions of Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to lower cost cloud solutions such as SQL Server running on Linux, Amazon Aurora, Container-based services, and AWS Lambda. Cloud-native or open-source solutions can help you break free from the high costs of commercial licensing.

Customers, such as Unilever, Expedia, and Xero, have successfully migrated and modernized their Windows workloads to AWS by using MAP to help simplify and accelerate their cloud migrations.

Optimization and Licensing Assessment

Save on licensing and compute costs through an assessment of your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

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Access to proven methodology

MAP for Windows is a holistic approach to help customers navigate cloud migration and provides best practices through our proven, three-step process: Assess, Mobilize, and Migrate & Modernize. You can benefit from this prescriptive methodology which helps you assess and mobilize your resources to support your migration. MAP for Windows is based on 11 years of experience helping many enterprise customers successfully execute their Windows migrations.

Accelerate migration using tools and services

MAP for Windows provides unique tools and services to automate migration planning, execute migrations, and operate applications in the cloud, simplifying cloud migrations. This reduces the effort and complexity of migrating your Windows workloads so you can focus on what matters most for your business.

Lower costs of migration

MAP for Windows provides you with best practices and tools to help you reduce the cost of your migration. We also offer additional incentives to eligible customers to help offset costs of simultaneously running two environments during the migration. We help reduce the costs at every migration stage, from assessment and mobilization of your resources, to migration and modernization of your Windows workloads. Contact us to learn more about available incentives.

How it works

Step 1: Assess Your Readiness

The migration readiness assessment helps you identify gaps along the six dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework - business, process, people, platform, operations, and security. This assessment helps customers identify the capabilities required in the migration and build a TCO model for your migration project. MAP for Windows also includes an Optimization and Licensing Assessment, which provides recommendations on how to optimize your licenses on AWS.

Step 2: Mobilize Your Resources

The mobilize phase helps you build an operational foundation for your migration, with the goal of fixing the capability gaps identified in the assessment phase. The mobilize phase accelerates your migration decisions by providing clear guidance on migration plans that improve the success of your migration.

Step 3: Migrate or Modernize Your Workloads

MAP Partners and the AWS ProServe team help you execute the large-scale migration plan developed during the mobilize phase. MAP for Windows also offers financial incentives to help you offset migration costs such as labor, training, and the expense of sometimes running two environments in parallel.

Customer references

Guinness World Records Moves All In on AWS (2:28)
Xero Saves 30% on their SQL Server Licensing Costs with AWS (1:42)
NextGen Healthcare Increases Performance and Reduces Costs with Windows on AWS (1:47)
Sysco Chooses AWS to Manage its Windows-based Workloads (2:52)

Xero moved SQL Server to Amazon Aurora on AWS, which provided them with “improved levels of security, availability and performance.” Xero was able to use AWS tools to help with their migration. As business intelligence consultant, Helen Anderson says of the migration, "Unlike a traditional database migration, we had some tools from AWS to make things faster and easier. This change in infrastructure also gave our team the opportunity to embrace the benefits of the cloud.

Unilever needed to support hundreds of web properties around the world. In addition to realizing the benefits of improved business agility and operational efficiency, "We can focus on innovation rather than infrastructure", says Sreenivas Yalamanchili, Digital Marketing Services Global Technical Manager. Uniliver worked with APN Advanced Consulting Partner CSS Corp.

Expedia is committed to continuous innovation, with technology and platform improvements to create a great user experience. The company chose AWS because it was the only solution with the global infrastructure in place to support its customers. "When I think of AWS, freedom is the first word that comes to mind," says Magesh Chandramouli, Principal Architect.

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