Amazon S3 Glacier Re:Freezer

The Amazon S3 Glacier Re:Freezer is a serverless guidance that automatically copies an entire Amazon S3 Glacier vault's archives to a defined destination Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket and S3 storage class. This guidance allows you to seamlessly copy your S3 Glacier vault archives to more cost-effective storage locations such as the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class.

Sample Amazon CloudWatch dashboard
The solution deploys a custom Amazon CloudWatch dashboard that provides visibility of the solution's archive copy operation progress.



Automate the optimized restore, copy, and transfer process


Launch a prebuilt Amazon CloudWatch dashboard to visualize the copy operation progress

Cost optimization

Seamlessly copy your S3 Glacier vault archives to more cost-effective storage locations such as the Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class


The diagram below presents the architecture you can build using the example code on GitHub.

Amazon S3 Glacier Re:Freezer Guidance architecture

The AWS CloudFormation template deploys the following four stages:

  1. Stage one – Get Inventory: The guidance obtains the latest Glacier vault inventory file.
  2. Stage two – Request Archives: The guidance parses, partitions, and optimizes the Glacier vault inventory file, and then starts the optimized restore order request from Amazon S3 Glacier.
  3. Stage three – Archive Copy: The guidance begins the archive copy process to the staging Amazon S3 bucket and Amazon S3 Standard storage class. During the archive copy process, Amazon DynamoDB tracks the status of the archive copies and collects metrics visible in the provided Amazon CloudWatch dashboard.
  4. Stage four – Archive Integrity Check: The guidance uses SHA256 Treehash to perform archive integrity checking on the copied object and match it with the SHA256 Treehash as recorded by Amazon S3 Glacier in the Glacier vault inventory list. After the SHA256 Treehash is validated, the object is moved from the staging S3 bucket to the destination S3 bucket and S3 storage class.

Amazon S3 Glacier Re:Freezer

Version 1.1.4
Released: 11/2023
Author: AWS

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