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Efficient operations are at the heart of any travel and hospitality company, with planes and trains running on time, kitchens running smoothly and effective orchestration of housekeepers, shift workers and the like. There’s a need to optimize assets, improve utilization, implement predictive maintenance, ensure quality, health and safety standards and more. Modest improvements in efficiency can lead to transformative results.

AWS provides companies with everything needed to quickly and easily manage data, while helping them understand their customers and operations. Companies leverage AWS services to boost predictive capabilities -- safely adjusting routes, saving on energy and fuel costs, and maintaining their fleet and equipment. Companies can expand their use of data analytics and AI, to parse customer information for behavioral patterns to better plan inventory, schedules and more. AWS offers the most comprehensive services, global scale, agility and flexibility to combine different types of data and analytical approaches to gain deeper insights and drive more actionable outcomes.

Hear how AWS helps Deutsche Bahn’s trains run more efficiently (1:49)

Customer spotlight


Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited

By working with machine learning via AWS, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd can deliver pizzas faster, hotter and fresher to customers. Thanks to Amazon SageMaker, we were able to quickly and easily create a predictive ordering solution that can help stores anticipate what customers order. We strive to reduce pickup and delivery times because we’ve identified that the sooner we can get a pizza to our customers, the more satisfied they are with their meal.”

Michael Gillespie, Chief Digital and Technology Officer - Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited

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OYO Rooms

“Scaling our technology stack to support growth and deliver a consistent and standardized experience to guests would be extremely difficult without the scale, services, and elasticity offered by AWS.”

Anil Goel, Group Chief Technology & Product Officer, - OYO Rooms

Use cases

  • Airport Optimizer
  • Connected Restaurants
  • Airport Optimizer
  • Airport Terminal Optimizer

    Airport Terminal Optimizer is a system for airports with multiple terminals, that uses schedules published to OAG (up to 330 days in the future), operating costs, terminal and gate configurations to optimize terminal and gate openings when experiencing drastically reduced schedules. The solution also allows for generating what-if-scenarios based on reconfiguration capabilities of terminals and gates. 

    Airport Terminal Optimizer
  • Connected Restaurants
  • Connected Restaurants

    Build smart connected restaurants leveraging IOT and AI/ML to maintain food quality and safety in the kitchen, preserve products in cold storage, maintain social distancing, managing queue depths, measure and monitor foot and vehicle traffic, and maintain cleanliness and sanitation in restrooms. Leveraging AWS IOT Greengrass Core will allow for this to be implemented in a cost effective manner and allow for efficient operation by managing all the devices, updating them over the air (OTA), and securing the devices.

    Connected restaurants leveraging IoT and AI ML


SkyTouch Technology Powers Property Management System with Scalable Infrastructure from AWS (1:41)
Just Eat Takeaway Scales to Meet Unprecedented Demand (00:50)
Korean Air Predicts and Preempts Maintenance (51:00)

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