Optimize Core Operations

Get more out of your assets, quickly and easily manage data, and better understand your customers and operations. 

Efficient operations are at the heart of any travel and hospitality company, with planes and trains running on time, kitchens running smoothly, and effective orchestration of housekeepers, shift workers, and the like.
There’s a need to optimize assets, improve utilization, implement predictive maintenance, and ensure quality, health, and safety standards, and more. Modest improvements in efficiency can lead to transformative results. AWS provides companies with everything needed to quickly and easily manage data, while helping them understand their customers and operations.
Deutsche Bahn Gleans New Insights About Train Fleet Using AWS (1:49)


Improve asset utilization
Expand use of data analytics and AI to parse customer information for behavioral patterns to better plan inventory, schedules, and more.
Implement predictive maintenance
Leverage AWS to boost predictive capabilities—safely adjusting routes, saving on energy and fuel costs, and maintaining their fleet and equipment.
Ensure quality and compliance
Consistently adhere to health and safety standards and build more efficient processes.

Optimize Core Operations use cases and solutions

Explore solutions by use case

Acquisition & Forecasting

Better estimate the inventory, resources, and talent required to operate efficiently at the right time and with the right tools.

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Deployment & Operations Optimization

Maximize resource usage, reduce resource deployment costs, and improve system resiliency while promoting operational efficiency.

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Operation Resiliency & Continuity

Quickly and easily manage data to better understand customers and operations, boosting predictive capabilities and parsing customer information for behavioral patterns. 

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Predictive Maintenance & Repairs Optimization

Facilitate a single glance at operations, from monitoring data to assessing equipment health.

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Sustainability & Waste Reduction

Access dashboards, monitoring systems, and data collection and summarization tools that use machine learning algorithms to help meet sustainability goals.

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TCS Aviana

A unified, autonomous and digitized airline operation solution built on AWS that helps in mitigating challenges in the airline ecosystem.

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Guidance for Demand Forecasting for Restaurants on AWS

This Guidance helps you use machine learning (ML) to forecast demand in restaurants so you can optimize staff scheduling. 

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Predictive Segmentation Using Amazon Pinpoint and Amazon SageMaker

Automate the process of collecting customer data and creating Amazon Pinpoint segments identified by Machine Learning (ML) for tailored audience messaging.

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Get started with select AWS services

Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using machine learning
Easily collect, process, and analyze video and data streams in real time
Secure, reliable, and scalable access to persistent desktops from any location

Customer stories

Domino's logo

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Delivers in Record Time Using AWS for Predictive Ordering

Learn how AWS helped Domino’s enable faster pickup and delivery through Project 3TEN, an initiative that aims to have a pizza ready for pickup within three minutes or safely delivered within 10.

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Domino's delivery biker stock image
Modernizing IT to Drive Operational Performance with Melia Hotels and White Castle

Modernizing IT to Drive Operational Performance with Meliá Hotels and White Castle

Learn how Christian Palomino, global IT vice president of Meliá Hotels and Susan Carroll-Boser, vice president of technology at White Castle are optimizing operations and driving innovation through the cloud.

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Seera stock image woman in front of skyline
Seera logo

Seera Re-Invests and Re-Engineers with AWS

Seera used AWS to re-engineer operations, shift to microservices, and optimize costs to prepare for a post COVID-19 future.

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Pizza Hut Australia video thumbnail
Pizza Hut logo

Pizza Hut Australia Migrates to AWS, Gives Away 10,000 Pizzas in Only 70 Seconds

Pizza Hut Australia took what was once an unstable infrastructure and began building on AWS to achieve scalability, reliability, and maintain a secure platform for serving its customers.

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Business traveler in hotel hallway with phone
Expedia Group logo

Expedia Group Speeds Up Vendor Payment Transactions from 1 Day to Seconds

Expedia Global Payments migrated a legacy system from Microsoft SQL Server to Aurora PostgreSQL, cost-effectively scaling to meet traffic and delivering near-real-time data.

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Innovate with Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners

Discover purpose-built solutions and services from an expansive network of industry-leading AWS partners specializing in helping brands increase operational efficiency.

Datalex logo

Datalex provides a digital commerce platform to empower airlines to be digital retailers. With Datalex, airlines can deliver a competitive and differentiated retail experience on every device, every sales channel, and at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

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DocMX logo

DocMX is a hospitality document and information management technology company that delivers operational excellence, cost savings, and regulatory compliance for hospitality back-office operations.

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IBS Software

IBS Software is a leading SaaS solutions provider for the travel industry globally, managing mission-critical operations for customers in the aviation, tour and cruise, and hospitality industries.

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Infor logo

Infor provides an integrated and dynamic platform for hotels, restaurants, and gaming brands to efficiently and intelligently empower teams to meet the modern guest where they are. 

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Openjaw logo

Openjaw offers an eCommerce platform and loyalty programs for travel & hospitality brands to help them transform into travel retailers, enabling these brands to own, engage, and service their customers.

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Shiji logo

Shiji provides software solutions and services for enterprise companies in the hospitality industry, ranging from hospitality technology platform, hotel management solutions, retail systems, payment gateways, data management, and more.

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AWS Service Partners

Our network of AWS Service partners offers strategy and deployment services to Travel and Hospitality brands to accelerate digital transformation and innovation.

Accenture logo

Accenture Travel Industry Practice helps travel companies outmaneuver uncertainty by innovating around industry-specific functions and capabilities to provide clients with speed-to-value.

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Deloitte logo

Deloitte Travel & Hospitality helps to mobilize data and insights to optimize customer experiences, create operational efficiencies, improve product pricing, and inform management decisions.

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Mphasis logo

Mphasis combines deep airlines domain expertise with technology and unique digital transformation experience, ranging from core applications and infrastructure support, to development of next-gen products.

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Tata Consulting Services logo

Tata Consulting Services (TCS) is a full-service partner for Travel and Hospitality customers globally. TCS helps brands achieve their business transformation goals through matured services and proprietary solutions.

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Discover AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency Partners

AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency partners are validated for technical proficiency and proven customers success and have deep domain expertise to accelerate the industry’s modernization and innovation journey from behind-the-scenes operational efficiencies to guest-facing customer experiences.

AWS Travel & Hospitality Partner Competency logo


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Just Eat Takeaway Scales to Meet Unprecedented Demand

Richard Haigh, Chief Technology Officer, Just Eat Brands at Just Eat Takeaway, discusses how AWS helped his organization scale to meet unprecedented demand while still enabling innovation.

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Korean Air: Ready to Innovate for the Next 50 Years with AWS

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DocMX Drives Operational Efficiencies Using AWS and Passes Savings to Customers

Aaron Belton, Global Head of Travel & Hospitality at DocMX, shares how customers are saving time, resources, and money by using machine learning and artificial intelligence to capture and process automated workloads.

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AWS for RMS: Modern Revenue Management in the Cloud

Learn how to modernize, augment, complement, and advance your revenue management systems in the cloud with AWS and our Travel and Hospitality Competency Partners. 

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