AWS BuilderCards

AWS BuilderCards is a fun an educational deckbuilding card game, designed to teach how different AWS services work together to build well-architected workloads.

Welcome, Builder!

This is your first day as a freshly hired IT architect! Your task: Build up a team and create lots of shiny, innovative and most importantly, cloud, native applications! But wait, there's still the on-premises infrastructure you have to deal with... Use your resources wisely, acquire more AWS Services each turn, build Architectures and claim the Well-Architected points as long as they're still available!

Play your deck like you draw your AWS Architecture diagrams

AWS BuilderCards hightlights AWS Service interactions, by granting additional buffs for applying combinations!

Play your deck like you draw your AWS Architecture diagrams

Made to fit into your work schedule

As IT professionals, we understand the demands of your work environment. Time is precious, and finding opportunities to connect with colleagues and unwind can be a challenge. Keeping that in mind, we designed AWS BuilderCards to last 30 minutes or less. By strategically selecting and combining various AWS service cards, you'll learn how to architect robust and scalable solutions, all while engaging in friendly competition and fostering camaraderie among your team. Extend your knowledge about AWS, connect with your coworkers, and recharge during your workday.

Strenghten social bonds with your coworkers

AWS BuilderCards - Strengthen social bonds with your coworkers
AWS BuilderCards

AWS BuilderCards can also be used to facilitate team-building activities and social events. Why not incorporate the game into your next offsite meeting or team retreat? Whether you're a seasoned AWS veteran or just beginning your cloud journey, "AWS BuilderCards" offers a refreshing and educational experience tailored to the unique needs of the IT industry. By sharing laughs, strategizing together, and engaging in friendly competition, you'll forge new connections and deepen existing ones.

Learn how to play

Learn how to play AWS BuilderCards

Feedback and Requests

We’d love to hear your feedback and requests about AWS BuilderCards!


  • If you are looking for a single copy, you can get AWS BuilderCards at selected AWS events.

    We are currently working on making the game available more broadly.

    If you want to play AWS BuilderCards as a part of an internal company or community event (>30 attendees), please contact your AWS representative or drop us an email at

  • The QR code points to the website of the AWS content represented on the card. If you hold a service card in your hand that you want to learn more about, simply scan the card and start reading. The QR code contains the same URL that is printed on the bottom of the cards.

  • The base game, AWS BuilderCards, covers core services common in many workloads. To give out customers the opportunity to play and build with additional services, we are actively developing games expansions and booster packs.

  • We are constantly improving the game balance and accessibility of AWS BuilderCards. This is why we are deliberately going with an online-first approach. To learn how to play, you can watch the video and download the latest rules here.

    You may also download and print game mats, a convenient way for new players to learn the game.

  • You can play without any existing AWS knowledge or skills. It is recommended to be at least 12 years old in order to play. However, it’s really fun when AWS Architects play and discuss!

  • AWS BuilderCards - Game Tech Edition is a spin-off from the base game and was designed to work for game developers specifically. This edition is discontinued. Solutions and Architectures highlighting AWS for Games will be part of a new game add-on pack, which is on the roadmap.


AWS BuilderCards is intended to be educational and fun.
AWS Services have additional capabilities from what is illustrated in cards or game mechanics.

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