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Provides a way to automatically launch a configurable DataStax Enterprise or DataStax Community cluster by simply starting a group of instances.

Submitted by:  Joaquin Casares
Provider:  Community
OS:  Ubuntu
License:  Public
AMI Manifest:  datastax-us-east-1/datastax_clustering_ami_2.4.manifest.xml
Root Device Type:  instance-store
Architecture:  x86_64
Listed on:  Apr 24, 2012 17:31 GMT
Updated on:  Sep 06, 2013 23:47 GMT

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US East - ami-814ec2e8
US West (N. CA) - ami-544e6e11
EU (Ireland) - ami-b2212dc6
Asia Pacific (Singapore) - ami-3b2c6e69
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) - ami-5a863d5b
US West (Oregon) - ami-4c32ba7c
South America (Sao Paulo) - ami-1ce43c01
Asia Pacific (Sydney) - ami-0ffd6035

DataStax's Amazon Machine Image is the quickest way to get a DataStax Community or DataStax Enterprise cluster up and running on EC2.

The Official DataStax documentation can as found here: http://www.datastax.com/docs/datastax_enterprise3.1/install/install_dse_ami


    The name of the Cassandra cluster

--totalnodes <#>

    Cluster size

--version [ community | enterprise ]

    Installs either DataStax Enterprise or DataStax Community Edition



    The username provided during DSE registration

    --password is REQUIRED in order to use this option

    REQUIRED for a DSE installation
--password <pass>

    The password provided during DSE registration

    --username is REQUIRED in order to use this option

REQUIRED for a DSE installation

    Number of analytics nodes that run with Hadoop

    Default: 0
--searchnodes <#>

    Number of search nodes that run with Solr

    Default: 0

--release <release_version>

    Allows for the installation of a previous DSE version Example: 1.0.2-1

    Default: Ignored
--cfsreplicationfactor <#>

    The CFS replication factor

    Note: --cfsreplicationfactor must be <= --analyticsnodes

    Default: 1
--opscenter no

    Disables the installation of OpsCenter on the cluster

    Default: yes
--reflector <url>

    Allows you to use your own reflector


Public Facing:


        22: Default SSH port

    DataStax Enterprise Specific:

        8012: Hadoop Job Tracker client port

        8983: Portfolio Demo and Solr website port

        50030: Hadoop Job Tracker website port

        50060: Hadoop Task Tracker website port


        8888: OpsCenter website port


        1024+: JMX reconnections

        7000: Cassandra intra-node port

        7199: Cassandra JMX monitoring port

        9160: Cassandra client port

    DataStax Enterprise Specific:

        9290: Hadoop thrift port


        50031: OpsCenter job tracker proxy

        61620: OpsCenter intra-node monitoring ports

        61621: OpsCenter agent port