One of the many ways in which customers use Amazon CloudFront is to stream media to viewers across the globe.

The following tutorials can help you get started delivering video using CloudFront and include many of the third party ecosystem solutions designed to work with it.

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HLS Streaming: Amazon Elastic Transcoder can be used to convert your mezzanine (or master) media files stored in Amazon S3 to various formats depending on the devices your viewers will be using to play it and can further be transmuxed to create a collection of HLS segments and manifest files. This can be stored back in Amazon S3 and delivered using Amazon CloudFront in a high performing and scalable manner. Using these AWS services, you benefit from easy setup, scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing. The following links published by JWPlayer can be used to get you started on using this solution.

Get Started with Encoding HLS using Amazon Elastic Encoder
Get Started with Streaming HLS to JWPlayer

Wowza Streaming Engine: Wowza Streaming Engine:  Combine the benefits of Wowza® Media Systems streaming software, Wowza Streaming Engine™, and its broad array of Wowza AddOns with the reliability, scalability, low latency and cost-efficiency of Amazon CloudFront. Customers have two options to choose from — a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) arrangement or fee-based AMIs on Amazon Marketplace, The setup and management system will make it faster and easier for publishers to deliver multiple streaming formats, including Apple® HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Adobe® HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Microsoft® Smooth Streaming and MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH).

Get Started with Wowza Streaming Engine

JWPlayer: JWPlayer by Longtail Video, , supports playing progressive download, HLS and RTMP streams. This player operates in both HTML5 and Flash modes and contains advanced features such as single-click sharing to Facebook and Twitter, integration with Google Analytics and complete customizability.

Get Started with streaming RTMP to JWPlayer
Get Started with streaming HLS to JWPlayer