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Sort by: is a new interactive way to search for wrist watches. It combines AJAX and the watch database to provide an easy and quick way to find the watch you are looking for.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 23:06 PM GMT
The easiest way to share files that are too big for email.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 23:02 PM GMT
Basejumpr lets users export their existing Basecamp data into activeCollab - an open source project management service.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 20:49 PM GMT
A site designed for the international traveler. Provides information on destinations and destination specific product offerings.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 19:41 PM GMT
TeamWork Live is an easy and effective tool for project collaboration. You can use TeamWork Live to manage projects, centralize team communication, share documents and files, collaborate with clients and remote teams, build an intranet or knowledge base, and more. The service is hosted so there is no software to install or maintain. Sign up for your free trial now!
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 19:39 PM GMT
This technically mature software is used to back up data and to synchronize PCs, servers, and notebooks. Amazon S3 can be used as one side of the synchronization in order to store an unlimited number of files, and also multiple versions of each file.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2007 19:28 PM GMT
We offer Second Life client downloads to anyone who wants it for free; we serve about 700 GB a day.
Last Modified: Feb 5, 2007 22:11 PM GMT
Simple on-line store-front offering a selection of travel-related items from
Last Modified: Jan 24, 2007 17:08 PM GMT
A customer review site that uses amazon web services to display auto parts and accessories information.
Last Modified: Jan 15, 2007 23:32 PM GMT
S3 Backup is a cross-platform desktop application that makes it trivial for everyone to use Amazon's infrastructure for remote backups and secure online file storage.
Last Modified: Jan 15, 2007 23:09 PM GMT
Search, save and buy from Amazon via your smartphone.
Last Modified: Jan 15, 2007 22:28 PM GMT is a service that connects live buyers and live sellers natively through mobile phones and web Sellers list items through their mobile phone simply by adding text and images/movies to an MMS text-message and sending it to Sellers can also use email or web Buyers can find products from their phone or from any PC, and setup SMS alerts to be notified when items become available. Products listed on Gumiyo are also published on many other sites such as Google Base, Froogle, Oodle and many more.
Last Modified: Jan 9, 2007 15:44 PM GMT is an easy to use online task management solution that combines a rich browser-based UI with a community for sharing best practice templates. It's simple and easy to use like a spreadsheet but includes intelligent time-saving features.
Last Modified: Dec 22, 2006 1:04 AM GMT
Chinswing is a global message board where anyone can add voice messages to ongoing topical discussions. Share your personal interests or hobbies, debate hot issues or find answers to questions. We've combined features of podcasting, text forums and live voice chat to create a whole new way to talk.
Last Modified: Dec 21, 2006 2:19 AM GMT
Exit 39 provides an easy service for non programmers and webmasters to monetize on their traffic using affiliate programs from hundreds of merchants.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:44 AM GMT
The iTunes backup alternative to CDs and DVDs.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:40 AM GMT
Ad Hoc Search makes searching, finding, and retrieving documents on multiple PCs as easy as searching and browsing the Web.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:37 AM GMT
BookScoutPRO provides Comprehensive Realtime Pricing information for Books, Music, Video, Software and more on your Web Enabled Cell phone, PDA or on your PC. Pricng is gathered from the major bookselling venues online, to provide an accurate picture of current marketplace prices. Fast and Accurate!
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:32 AM GMT
ASeller Tool provide both real-time Amazon lookup service for regular cell phone users and a fast, precise and very profitable local database with sound and voice prompt about Amazon pricing information for professional book sellers using PocketPC.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:18 AM GMT
Cruxy is a digital marketplace for independent media creators. Musicians, filmmakers, and more can upload, promote, and sell their digital works.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:15 AM GMT
A consumer tool that helps shoppers organize and track their Christmas list. This solution utilizes Amazon's product catalog and product previews to allow consumers to link their gift list to Amazon's inventory.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 2:01 AM GMT
A family-centric approach to Christmas wish lists.
Last Modified: Dec 20, 2006 1:50 AM GMT
BrightSelect provides products and services based on objective analysis to select the best choice between two equally good options or pick the lesser of two evils. The website presents a selection of best computers and televisions based on multiple attributes (e.g., discount price, features, customer rating) from Amazon. We provide consulting services integrating business analytics and improved ways of product presentations to drive sales through online sales.
Last Modified: Dec 12, 2006 23:00 PM GMT
Fast, Accurate and Profitable Scouting Tool
Last Modified: Dec 4, 2006 17:09 PM GMT
Social Networking meets Consumer reviews as allows users to create personal profiles of all their personal belongings found through the Amazon E-Commerce Web Services API. Find consumer reviews on products you want from people like you.
Last Modified: Nov 18, 2006 0:16 AM GMT
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