Generative AI for telecom

With enterprise-grade security and privacy, a choice of leading foundation models, a data-first approach, and the most performant, low-cost infrastructure, Telcos trust AWS to deliver everything they need to accelerate generative AI powered innovation.  

Unlocking telecom’s potential with generative AI

Accelerating generative AI innovation with telecom specific large language models

Developing generative AI large language models for the telecom sector

Taking a long-term innovation outlook on generative AI

Scaling generative AI for telecom operators through collaboration

Realizing the potential of generative AI for Telcos

Generative AI took the world by storm and for telcos there are both great opportunities and risks. In this market study we asked CSPs about these opportunities and concerns.

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Leveraging generative AI to simplify the network and service lifecycle management with Amdocs Intelligent OSS on AWS

Combining AWS and Amdocs' offerings, generative AI empowers network operations through real-time insights, root cause analysis, recommendations for remediation and capacity planning, boosting efficiency and customer experience.

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Customer testimonials

How Cox Communications improved complex resolution issues for their customers using Amazon Bedrock

Liberty Latin America drive better customer insight and experience using generative AI.

Deutsche Telekom enhance customer service with AWS generative AI

How Salesforce and AWS can help telcos drive down costs and enhance their operations with generative AI.

Where generative AI can add value to Telcos

Enhance Customer Experience_family looking at phone over breakfast

customer experience

  • Transforming contact centres by reducing call average handle times and increasing first call resolution rates
  • Improve agent productivity and satisfaction
  • Using conversational insights to identity business opportunity
Improve business operations_man at desktop computer

network deployment 

  • Provide coding assistance saving engineers time
  • Automate testing tasks
Simplifying network operations

network operations 

  • Real-time detection of issues including faults and SLA breaches
  • Help to diagnose problems and make recommendations
  • Take action to resolve network issues
Ensuring revenues and protecting from fraud

business operations

  • Rapidly analyse disparate applications and data sources to automatically discover and remediate revenue leakages
Generate sales content

sales content 

  • Help sales teams to automate manual work to seize opportunities faster


Watch and read our telecom specific webinar, reports and blogs looking at the potential of generative AI for telcos.

Generative AI in the telco industry: Three waves of adoption

Generative AI in the telco industry: Three waves of adoption

Anticipated growth is in adoption of generative AI is substantial. In fact, our own survey of telco leaders, facilitated with Altman Solon, found that adoption of generative AI use cases will grow from the current 19% adoption to 48% within the next two years.

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How generative AI will transform the telco industry – and where it won't

How generative AI will transform the telco industry – and where it won't

Ishwar Parulkar, Chief Technologist, Telecom & Edge Cloud, AWS discusses generative AI’s potential for telcos.

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A Pragmatic Approach to Generative AI

A pragmatic approach to generative AI

Early engagements with telecoms and AWS Partners have demonstrated how generative AI can reduce revenue leakage and customer churn, improve cross-selling attach rates, decrease customer support resolution times, and streamline network operations while reducing troubleshooting time.

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Generative AI for Telcos: taking customer experience and productivity to the next level thumbnail

Generative AI for Telcos: taking customer experience and productivity to the next level

In this blog post Chris Featherston, Data and AI/ML telecom lead, AWS discusses generative AI - the top new technology that CEOs believe will significantly impact their industry over the next three years

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Unlocking the potential of generative AI for telcos and CPS

Unlocking the potential of generative AI for telcos and CSPs

AWS experts and Michael Carroll, Editor of Mobile World Live discuss unlocking generative AI for telcos in this webinar.

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Generative AI for Telecom

Generative AI for Telecom

In this blog post Ishwar Parulkar, Chief Technologist, Telecom & Edge Cloud, AWS, discusses how generative AI now and in the future will impact telcos.

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The easiest way to build and scale generative AI applications with FMs.
The most capable generative AI-powered assistant for accelerating software development and leveraging companies' internal data
A generative AI-powered assistant for software development.
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Deploy AI conversation for chatbots
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Enable real-time contact center analytics.
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Extract data and text from documents
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Build and deploy advanced predictive models.
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